algonquin tribes by mrs freire s class n.
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Algonquin Tribes by Mrs. Freire’s Class PowerPoint Presentation
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Algonquin Tribes by Mrs. Freire’s Class

Algonquin Tribes by Mrs. Freire’s Class

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Algonquin Tribes by Mrs. Freire’s Class

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  1. Algonquin TribesbyMrs. Freire’s Class

  2. Where are the Algonquin Tribes located? • They are in Canada and part of Quebec. • They are allies to the Iroquois tribes. They do a great deal of trading with them.

  3. What did Algonquin Tribes live in? • They lived in wigwams, also known as round houses. The word wigwam means house. Wigwams were made out of birch bark. The poles were bent to make the houses. • The wigwams were small houses and about 8 to10 feet tall. • One family lived in each house.

  4. How did the Algonquin Tribes hunt and what did they eat? • They were a semi-nomadic group who hunted and gathered. • They trapped game animals. • They fished in lakes and oceans. • They gathered wild berries, wild rice, various plants and seeds.

  5. What did the Algonquin Tribes use for weapons and tools? • They used bow and arrows for hunting • They used pronged spears and nets for fishing. • They used knives for hunting and cutting. • Sharp wood was used for carving or cutting. • Bone parts were used for cooking. • Birch bark poles for building their wigwams (houses). • Tree bark was used in many ways. • Antlers were used for variousthings.

  6. How did the Algonquin Tribes travel? • In the summer months they traveled by foot and used birchbark canoes. • In the winter months they used toboggans, which are sleds, and snowshoes for traveling • They didn’t have horses during this time but used dogs as pack animals to travel.

  7. What did the Algonquin tribes wear? Men Women Leather wrap around skirts Long dresses Fur robes in winter Moccasins • Deerskin loinclothes and breechclothes • Leather leggings • Buck skin shirts • Moccasins • Porcupine hair headdresses

  8. Interesting Facts of the Algonquin Tribes • Men were the leaders of the tribe. • They were firm believers in witchcraft. • They were scared to reveal their real names because they thought people with spiritual powers would use them for evil. • They played games such as hunt the button, shinny, ball games, walk on stilts, cat’s cradle and web weaving.