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All About me

All About me

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All About me

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  1. All About me By: Omar Matos

  2. Omar H Matos Have you every met the most wonderful human being to ever walk the earth? Well I have and he goes by the name of Omar H Matos. His list of interest includes the following : the color blue, reading books, watching T.V. playing video games and cooking . Now that I have gifted you with knowledge of what Omar likes let me tell you what he loves, Tennis. Omar loves both watching and playing tennis. Speaking of tennis Omar is a huge fan of Agnieszka Radwanska a Polish professional tennis player. Omar was born a decade after Agnieszka in 1999. Both were born in very cold cities Agnieszka in Krakow Poland and Omar in Chicago Illinois. I wish I could continue to tell you about Omar ,but I am afraid I have to go. I truly hope one day you will have the honor of meeting Omar H Matos.

  3. The year my grandma lived with me… Its been a couple of years since I departured from Chicago and moved to Texarkana. Unfortunately my grandmother stayed in Chicago. Lucky for me last year she decided to come and live with us for a year. It was absolutely amazing living with my grandma. It comes with a lot of pros like delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also if I get in an argument with my mom my grandma defends me like if she were my lawyer . Another one is the house is clean at all times and she takes me wherever I feel like going. The one horrible con about my grandmother. Is knowing all these wonderful things and more will soon come to a end , because my grandma is going to go back home soon .

  4. Disney world I am pretty sure every young child dreams of going to the magical place known as Disney world. Well when I was about 4 years old I got to got , but the experience I had was not that magical. I went with my mother father and sister. I was enjoying my self so much until we were crossing this bridge . Some dust entered my eye thus making me close them and rub them. Then I opened my eyes and my family was gone. I basically just stood there frozen until a police officer found me. I did not cry for I was not sad just confused and thirsty that’s what I told the officer. She quickly rushed to buy me some apple juice. She soon announced that there was a adorable lost child thanks to the word adorable my parents knew it was me and went to go pick me up with relief.

  5. Hotel Mante My favorite hotel to stay at is hotel Mante. As a child I would always go there for Christmas with cousins. It was a five star hotel that honestly deserves 6 stars . The customer service is great they make you feel like you are at home. Me and my cousins would always ding dong ditch every room and trust there was a lot of rooms so it was real hard work. We would play in this wonderful playground they had while enjoying delicious homemade ice-cream they had . We would always be so thankful for it thinking it was free , but they just added it to our parents bill. My favorite memory is when I asked for I nut cracker for Christmas I got this!

  6. One Million Dollars Jonathan Ive is Senior Vice President of Design at Apple Inc. He has been awarded many titles like Designer of the Year and The Royal Designer for Industry. The very best achievement he has is being my best friend. Being his best friend I get all the latest stuff from apple before they come out like the iphone5s he accidently sent me two of those. One I obviously kept the other I sold for the small fee of one million dollars. With this money I went to the four grand slams of tennis this year because I absolutely love tennis. Besides watching tennis I did many other remarkable things in all of the four cities. In Melbourne besides watching the Australian open I had lots of fun at the aquarium were I got to see the seahorse nursery. The at the French open in Paris I had fun with Mickey at the Euro Disney land.

  7. Part 2 Then in London I finally went to Wimbledon. I was able to eat some strawberries I heard London is the best place to get strawberries and they were right besides eating strawberries I got a good laugh out of every ones accent and the way they laughed at mine . Finally I went to the us open in new York. I go to go in athur ashe stadium it can hold up to twenty five thousand people. After four wonderful trips I still had lots of money left over. So I used it for many things a new car, house ,clothes and to pay for college at DePaul university. Then I still had money so I did the right choice and saved it so I will have plenty of money in the future for all my needs and wants. And its all thanks to my great friend Jony.

  8. Lemonade or sweet tea The waiter came towards my table and asked me what would you like to drink sir. I pretended I did not hear him because I simply could not decide if I should get lemonade the juicy sour citrus drink or sweet tea the refreshing taste of country. He asked again and my heart started to beat fast I just could not decide . So I randomly picked lemonade . Then the waiter brought me my drink and spilled all over me and my yellow shirt so it blended in perfectly, thank goodness I picked lemonade.