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New Teacher Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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New Teacher Orientation

New Teacher Orientation

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New Teacher Orientation

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  1. New Teacher Orientation Day 3

  2. TQS • Review Homework • Questions about Unit Planning • Delve into Lesson Planning • Continue building our team! Goals for Today

  3. Warm Up: Architect Builder

  4. You’re not alone! Feel Like You’re Building a Plane in the Air?

  5. Debrief: Unit Planning

  6. TPACK Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge

  7. TPACK What do you already know?

  8. Our AISI Model & TPACK

  9. Insert TPACK slides here

  10. Choose a subject area: • ELA • Social Studies • Mathematics • Science Tables are labeled with subject area cards • Sit at a table with your subject area • Maximum 6 people/table Introducing TPACK

  11. Each person at your table: • Record an outcome from your program of studies on the recipe card provided • Place these recipe cards in a pile of their own TPACK

  12. Using only your outcome and pedagogy cards: • Select the TOP/FIRST card from the outcome pile and the TOP/FIRST card from the pedagogy pile • Do they work together? Why or why not? • Repeatuntil you have gone through the decks. Outcome + Pedagogy

  13. Using your outcome, pedagogy, and technology cards: • Select the TOP/FIRST card from the outcome pile, the TOP/FIRST card from the pedagogy pile, and the top card from the technology pile • Do they work together? Why or why not? • Repeat until you have gone through the decks. Outcome + Pedagogy + Technology

  14. What did you notice about your process with all 3 sets of cards? Now check your understanding of TPACK with your poster

  15. You were provided with the outcomes and pedagogy of a lesson: • Describe your experience of trying to incorporate technology in this lesson (What challenges did you have? What opportunities did you see?) • How do you think technology has enhanced this lesson in terms of student engagement? student learning? Group Debrief

  16. Activity TypesPlanning for technology integration

  17. Remain with your subject area small group • You will receive an envelope with your subject area of choice • Sort the contents under the appropriate curricular headings provided PART 1: What are Activity Types?

  18. Scan the Example Technologies connected with the curricular goals Highlight the “Example Technologies “ in terms of: Red (never heard of it) Yellow (heard of it, never used it) Green (used it) Check your answers: Check Your Understanding

  19. Shyla Smith & Lorraine Uloth Special Guests

  20. LUNCH

  21. LearnAlberta Websites of the Day Alberta Assessment Consortia

  22. 3 things to keep in mind … • How are you sharing outcomes with students? • How will you know if students are understanding what is being taught? • How are you engaging students? Lesson Plans

  23. Enduring Understandings about Learner Outcomes Making learner outcomes visible to students throughout the learning process helps students make connections and be actively involved in their learning. Teaching from the outcomes and to the outcomes—and aligning instruction and assessment with the outcomes—deepens student learning.

  24. Post program vision/ mission statement permanently all year. include SFOs or essential questions on the front pages of unit/ course syllabi, parent communications and checklists. Use SFOs as references on tests & quizzes Use SFOs or essential questions for conversation starters Use SFOs for reporting achievement Use SFOs for exit slips Use criteria statements to determine what you will accept as evidence of understandings Use SFOs as checklists/cover pages

  25. Don’t forget discussions from Monday (Schletchy) Many ways to engage students. Consider: What are students … Student Engagement

  26. Hearing? Touching? Using? Creating? Doing? Seeing? Feeling?

  27. Work on Lesson Plans

  28. Debrief Unit Planning • Energizer • TPACK • Lesson Planning Revisiting our Wednesday

  29. Mentorship Summer Institute Information about Thursday Exit Slip Closure:

  30. Exit Slips One way I will engage my students is…. A question or comment about planning (Year/Unit/Lesson)…