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Pearl Professional – Waterless Car Wash PowerPoint Presentation
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Pearl Professional – Waterless Car Wash

Pearl Professional – Waterless Car Wash

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Pearl Professional – Waterless Car Wash

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  1. International Sales:Email: Sales@PearlGloballtd.comUSA Sales: Pearl Professional – Waterless Car Wash Visit us :

  2. Pearl “Professional” brand of waterless car wash product is the number one best selling item in the Pearl product line. The vibrant neon green color and pleasant fragrance are great aspects of the product, but the way it cleans, polishes and protects is why it is the number one waterless car wash product. The shine it creates is amazing. It is also very easy to use. Spray on, gently rub in and wipe off. Super simple that virtually anyone can use it. Pearl “Professional” is an innovative detailing solution which cleans and shines all exterior vehicle surfaces in one. The high-tech, environmentally friendly formula releases and suspends dirt; ensuring surfaces are deep-cleaned and highly polished. It is ideal for cleaning and detailing paintwork, plastic trim, glass, chrome etc. It is fast and easy to use; simply spray, gently wipe and buff to shine. Creates a showroom finish in minutes. Available in ready-to-use and super concentrate formulations.

  3. Pearl Professional Concentrate To achieve the optimum working solution: To ensure the concentrate is mixed thoroughly prior to dilution, please follow the directions below. Dilute 1 part concentrate with 9 parts water (1:9) and mix thoroughly before use. (E.g. 1L of Professional Concentrate makes 10L of ready-to-use product.)

  4. Directions for use: Shake well before use. 1. Mist spray of Professional onto a folded microfiber cloth and onto the surface area to be cleaned. 2. Gently wipe the product onto the surface with pre-wetted folded microfibre cloth. 3. Using a second clean folded microfibre cloth, quickly, buff off the remaining residue before it dries. This will create a clean and deep glossy shine. Pleasereplace cloths if they become too soiled. Repeat process until the entire vehicle is clean and highly polished. Pearl “Professional” Waterless Car Wash product can be used in the sun, but for best results please use it in the shade and out of direct sunlight. It can be used on a wet or dry surface. Do not use on heavily soiled surfaces with a build-up of mud, caked-on sand or any other abrasive materials. If you do have a super soiled vehicle, we recommend that you can spray off the car with water and remove any and all heavy dirt, mud or debris before using the Professional, Waterless Car Wash product. Then you can clean your vehicle while the car is still wet. We offer this product in 25L, 205L and 1000L sizes, in concentrate and “ready to use” options. If you are interested in purchasing any of the Pearl Waterless or Conventional car care product, please fill out the form on the website and we will be in contact with you. We can help you with shipping quotes, logistics, and other related topics. We have shipped products to over 100 countries and would like to help you with your order.

  5. About the Author:Since 1998, I have been involved with many waterless car wash business ventures. I have also cleaned many cars and have sold millions of dollars worth of waterless car care products to people/ companies in over 100 countries. Today, I manage the online visibility and content marketing for Pearl Global Limited, the leader in high-quality Eco-CarCare products. If you are interested in learning more about cleaning vehicles without water or purchasing the Pearl products at retail or in bulk concentrate, please fill out the form to the right or contact me for advice and direction. Thank you for reading this – David Elliott, Director of Marketing – Pearl Global &