aggression replacement training art n.
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Aggression Replacement Training (ART) PowerPoint Presentation
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Aggression Replacement Training (ART)

Aggression Replacement Training (ART)

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Aggression Replacement Training (ART)

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  1. Aggression Replacement Training (ART) Session 4

  2. Review • What are triggers? • What is the purpose of a hassle log? • Who would like to share their hassle log? • Who will share there homework for “Making a Complaint?”

  3. Moral Reasoning Group Guidelines • 1. Never put down or threaten anyone. • 2. Listen to what others have to say. • 3. If you criticize another group member, give that person a chance to answer. • 4. Stay on the subject when you disagree. • 5.Never talk to anyone outside the group about what is said in the group.

  4. Mark’s Problem Situation Mark has been going steady with a girl named Maria for about 2 months. It used to be a lot of fun to be with her, but lately it’s sort of a drag. There are some other girls Mark would like to go out with now. Mark sees Maria coming down the school hallway.

  5. Mark’s Problem Situation Should Mark avoid the subject with Maria so Maria’s feeling aren’t hurt?

  6. Mark’s Problem Situation Should Mark make up an excuse, like being too busy to see Maria, as a way of breaking up?

  7. Mark’s Problem Situation Should Mark simply start going out with other girls so that Maria will get the message?

  8. Mark’s Problem Situation How should Mark respond to Maria’s feelings?

  9. Mark’s Problem Situation Let’s change the situation a bit. What if Mark and Maria have been living together for several years and have two small children? Then should Mark break up with Maria?

  10. Mark’s Problem Situation Let’s go back to the original situation. This is what happens: Mark does break up with Maria-he lets her know how he feels and starts dating another girl. Maria feels hurt and jealous and thinks about getting even somehow. Should Maria get even?

  11. Mark’s Problem Situation What if the tables were turned, and Maria did that to Mark?

  12. Cues • Cues are physical signs that let you know you are angry. • Examples: muscle tension, knots in your stomach, clenched fists, teeth grinding or a pounding heart • What cues does your body give you when you are angry?

  13. Anger Reducers • Using an anger reducer will help lower your arousal levels and increase self control and personal power. • Anger reducers can be a first step in using new behaviors that give you greater self control and more time to respond effectively.

  14. Anger Reducer 1: Deep Breathing • Deep breathing means taking a few slow, deep breaths to which you pay full attention to. • This can help you make a more controlled response in a pressure situation. • Deep breathing can reduce tension by relieving physical symptoms of tension. • Inhale for 4 counts, then exhale for 4 counts

  15. Anger Reducer 2: Backward Counting • Counting backward is a way of reducing tension and increasing personal power • Counting backward lowers your arousal level and gives you time to think about how to respond • Count backward silently at an even pace • If appropriate, turn away from the anger provoking person or situation

  16. Anger Reducer 3: Pleasant Imagery • Imagine yourself in a peaceful scene • Think of scenes you find peaceful and relaxing • “You are lying on the beach. The sun is warm, and there is a slight breeze.” • Think of the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, etc.

  17. Homework • You will complete 3 hassle logs • Try to use each of the 3 anger reducers we learned in this session.