friday sermon slides june 25th 2010 n.
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Friday Sermon Slides June 25th 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Friday Sermon Slides June 25th 2010

Friday Sermon Slides June 25th 2010

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Friday Sermon Slides June 25th 2010

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  1. Friday Sermon SlidesJune 25th 2010 Martyrs of Lahore

  2. Hudhur ( aba) said with the grace of Allah Almighty Jalsa Salana Germany was being inaugurated with his sermon and thanked Allah Almighty for this June 25TH 2010

  3. The conditions for Pakistani Ahmadis are particularly difficult, opponent have been given a freehand to do whatever they like Special prayers May Allah grant steadfastness to Pakistani Ahmadis, strengthen their faith, protect them from all evils and accepting their sacrifice show outstanding and distinguished signs

  4. Hudhur (aba) drew attention to some administrative matters related to Jalsa Salana June 25TH 2010

  5. Guest are only allowed to enter after security clearance Jalsa Salana and security Hudhur ( aba) prayed that Allah Almighty protect all and help us to gain the benefit from the blessings of the Jalsa Salana as much as possible

  6. Hudhur (aba) said that by sacrificing their lives these martyrs have given new horizon to our thoughts Hudhur (aba) said that this biography is in no particular order. As he receives facts about martyrs, he talks about them Hudhur (aba) continued with brief biography about the martyrs of Lahore June 25TH 2010

  7. Martyrs of Lahore June 25TH 2010

  8. Khalil Ahmed Sulangi Martyrs of Lahore He was a forerunner in financial Jihad. He made major financial sacrifices for building the Mosque in Gujranwala, reception in Daruziafat, a guest house in Qadian, another guest house, BaitulFutuhand all other projects of the Jama’at He was generous and always helped other. He was good at giving sound advise He had a long standing ties with Hudhur (aba) from their Khuddam days. He was very dedicated and always made himself available if called by the Markaz under any circumstances.  He had strong faith and in 1974 left his family at a young age, when some family members were unable to show steadfastness at Ahmadiyyat He co-operated in all Jama’at works. He became more humble as he progressed financially. Hudhur ( aba) said that businessmen generally don’t leave business deals in the middle but Sulangi Sahib would happily do so to carry out Jama'at duty He used to be in charge of Transport for Qadian Jalsa and always did this job deligently. He was most responsible, well mannered, cooperative and had the skill to make others work June 25TH 2010

  9. Martyrs of Lahore ChaudaryIjazNassrullah He was 83 and Moosi, has settled all his accounts for Wassiyyat in his life. He actively contributed to the orphan scheme June 25TH 2010

  10. MaulviBashiruddin Sahib saw a white car in his dream and a voice said, I have come to take you. Martyrs of Lahore June 25TH 2010

  11. Martyrs of Lahore Chaudary Hafiz Ahmed Kahloon Hudhur (aba) related an incidence of bigotry of the nation that a colleague judge said that I can express regret at his death but will not pray for his forgiveness He was very popular. He used to recite the Holy Qur’an for hours. His little grand daughter said that may be he is reciting the Holy Qur’an in the Heavens, when she was told about his martyrdom Hudhur (aba) said that these are the practical examples that need to be set by every Ahmadi for training of their children June 25TH 2010

  12. The front of his personal diary had a brave faith inspiring quotation Martyrs of Lahore He had known by a dream that his life was going to be short, so he established financial independence for his wife ChaudaryImtiaz Ahmed He was very dedicated. He used to do his duty with a sense of devotion. Once he worked in Daruzikr till after midnight and woke up for Tahajjud prayers at 3.30 am. His wife asked him to take at least some rest, he replied that he was not interested in the rest in this world and was focussed on the rest in the next world. June 25TH 2010

  13. Martyrs of Lahore June 25TH 2010

  14. Sheikh Nadim Ahmed Tariq This is how fathers should carry out their responsibility about Salat. In this way children develop the habit of prayers and make a bond with Allah Martyrs of Lahore June 25TH 2010

  15. Martyrs of Lahore His mother has been seeing his late father in her dreams for sometime June 25TH 2010

  16. MirzaSafdar Ahmed Martyrs of Lahore An embodiment of love for all, hatred for none June 25TH 2010

  17. Martyrs of Lahore MirzaMahmood Ahmed His wife saw in a dream that he was in a palace with streams flowing, flowers and fresh breeze, saying this is my palace June 25TH 2010

  18. Hudhur ( aba) commended this and said that this is the correct way of paying chanda. Some people when they are left behind in chanda, blame that finance secretary di d not remind them. Hudhur (aba) said that is this is every Ahmadi’s duty to take responsibility of paying their chanda properly Martyrs of Lahore Sheikh Mohammad AkramAthar His daughter in law saw in a dream that she has been given 3 presents from Ansar Hall in Rabwah. The funeral of martyrs was held in Ansar Hall June 25TH 2010

  19. He saw in a dream that he was being beaten up by someone and some black dogs are after him Martyrs of Lahore MirzaMansoorBaig Hudhur (aba) prayed may Allah grant him pious, righteous, healthy and long living child and his wife and his mother see happiness in life, ameen June 25TH 2010

  20. Meeyan Mohammad Munir Ahmed Martyrs of Lahore He saw in a dream 10 years ago that a grave was being prepared next to Hadhrat Umar Farooq (ra) and he was told that this was his grave June 25TH 2010

  21. Hudhur (aba) prayed that Allah Almighty grant perfect health to his injured doctor son. Martyrs of Lahore His wife saw in a dream that a beautiful house is floating in the heavens and he was in that house. She also saw in a dream that there is dreadful storm and earthquake and she could not find her husband anywhere. June 25TH 2010

  22. Martyrs of Lahore June 25TH 2010

  23. MohmammadHussainMalhi Martyrs of Lahore He was dedicated member of Jama’at. He took part in all the good deeds June 25TH 2010

  24. Mirza Mohammad Amin Martyrs of Lahore June 25TH 2010

  25. Malik Zubair Ahmed Martyrs of Lahore As a young man, wherever he walked he would do zikreillahi on the pavement June 25TH 2010

  26. Chaudary Mohammad Nawaz Martyrs of Lahore His wife saw in a dream that someone was saying to him congratulations, your husband is still alive June 25TH 2010

  27. Munir Ahmed Sheikh Martyrs of Lahore His sister in law saw a dream that he was in a white car flying towards Heavens His daughter saw him in a dream after his martyrdom. He was standing at he door of the house and in response to her daughter's question that are you alive, he replied, I am well and I am with you. June 25TH 2010

  28. Hudhur (aba) prayed for Martyrs May Allah keep everyone in his safety and protection. Ameen June 25TH 2010