speech communications n.
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Speech Communications

Speech Communications

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Speech Communications

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  1. Speech Communications This is an exploratory communications course designed to give the students experience and training in communications theory, public speaking, vocal production, effective listening, organization, group dynamics, and parliamentary procedure. Students have multiple opportunities to speak before the class, both in formal and informal situations.

  2. WHAT?!?!Sounds boring, right??Well, it’s not! I promise!

  3. You WILL research, read, learn to listen, speak in public, etc…BUT • Speech is so much more than that! The main subject you will learn most about in this class is YOURSELF!

  4. This class will make you a better writer, researcher, speaker, listener and overall HUMAN BEING! • Let’s face it! Many of you are not all that excited at the thought of speaking in front of total strangers…or even worse….your peers or crushes! AHHH!

  5. In fact… • More people fear public speaking than: • Spiders • The Dark • And even….DEATH!

  6. This class will help many of you face your fears by helping you gain confidence in your own abilities. • We will do multiple activities and projects to help you learn how to be an all around better communicator.

  7. Guess what?... • There is almost NEVER homework. • There are no quizzes! • There are NO TESTS!

  8. Your projects, daily activities, and speeches are your grades! • We will sometimes read and do worksheets, but not often. • Will you be allowed to talk to your peers? Yes, but in the right time. Taking speech does NOT mean you will just sit around talking and not working. • You will EARN your ‘A’ and a LOT fewer people accomplish that as you might think. • In other words, this is NOT a blow-off by any means.

  9. Major Units: How-To Demonstration speech • You will teach the class how to do something by demonstrating it yourself. • This can be anything from throwing a football to baking a cake. Acceptance Speech -You will research your dream career and write an acceptance speech receiving the most prestigious award in that field! -In other words, you get to create your future!

  10. Biography Speech • You will research an influential person in history and give a speech as them. • You will also create a scrapbook for them. Multimedia Presentation • You will finally be put in groups and create a persuasive presentation. • The catch is each group will have a controversial topic and will have a tough age group to persuade. (i.e. kindergarteners)

  11. Last and definitely not least, your final exam will not be a test but a… DEBATE • You will go head to head with another class member over a controversial school topic and one of you will be the winner!

  12. Any questions?!?