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Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask

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Questions to Ask

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  1. Questions to Ask How is the training program structured? Time/format I read company is planning expansion into Mexico …could you tell me about plans and opportunities for international placement?

  2. Questions to Ask Average time it takes to reach _________ position? Could you describe the employee evaluation system? How often will I receive a formal evaluation?

  3. Questions to Ask What opportunities are there to move from one functional area to another if I see an opportunity in which I am interested?

  4. Career Fair Tips Introduce clearly, smile, handshake, eye contact Be confident!! Be positive Ask questions Dress professionally Pick up brochures Ask to set up interview Handshake, thank you, business card

  5. On-Site Interview Separate interviews Group interviews Testing Social skills Assessment center activities

  6. On-Site Interview BIG MISTAKE Lack of extensive company/ industry research Research people, too Contact individuals More situational interviewing

  7. On-Site Interview Focus on team skills Courtesy to all Most desired job, tell them Demonstrate how committed you would be (one/two minute commercial)

  8. Thank You Letter Refer to interview date/place and say thank you Express desire to work for company Reiterate qualifications Close with phone # and action

  9. Job Offers • Get offer in writing • Set decision date • Questions • Frequency of salary and performance review • Promotional opportunities • Professional development

  10. Job Offers • Total compensation • Base salary • Benefits • % of base salary • Compare benefits across companies – start dates •

  11. Job Offers • Negotiating salary • Leaverage other offers • Moving expenses • Signing bonuses • Acceptance letter • Decline letters

  12. The Merchandising Portfolio From Oklahoma State University Portfolio Examples Courtesy of MSU and OSU Interns Shiretta Ownbey, Associate Professor

  13. Why Use a Portfolio? • Differentiates you from other job candidates • Highlights your skills, abilities, and experiences

  14. Why Use a Portfolio? • Makes your interview interesting • Allows you to direct some of the interview conversation • Demonstrates you are a professional

  15. Case Recommendations • Buy nice quality portfolio or presentation case • Black or brown cases are preferred • Use acetate sheets to protect contents • Smaller size cases are best for merchandising portfolios

  16. Think About This! • Professional portfolio, not a scrapbook • What does employer need or want to know about applicant? • Pages should illustrate an ability, skill, or experience desired or needed

  17. Portfolio Example • Tips • Use cover page • Introduce a theme and/or look • Include name and contact info • State degree, major, and minor • Include college or university name

  18. Portfolio Example

  19. Portfolio Example • Tips • Insert resume after cover page • Use resume paper that coordinates with portfolio look • Proofread resume carefully

  20. Portfolio Example • Tips • Highlight industry field trips/tours • Brief, concise caption and title • 2 photo edges are shaped (left) • Background mats add color • 1 photo is cut within image(right)

  21. Portfolio Example • Tips • Highlight internship • Caption focuses on: • Project goals • Project activities • Project outcomes

  22. Portfolio Example • Tips • Highlight education through a field trip • Caption focuses on: • global industry • industry networking • Note photo cuts • May cut shapes from art paper for visual interest

  23. Portfolio Example • Tips • Evidence of experience related to technology is valuable • Cut photos in various shapes

  24. Portfolio Example • Tips • Leadership in the community demonstrates initiative, character, and work ethic • Communicate important aspects of experience in caption

  25. Communication skills Training others Technology Visual merchandising Management skills Leadership Tours and trips Internship experiences Networking Creative skills Customer service Market experience Promotional experience Special event coordination Example Categories to Highlight in Portfolio

  26. General Recommendations • Start collecting materials and ideas • Search for, retrieve, and store ideas • Use good craftsmanship • Center items correctly • Measure • Cut straight • Proofread resume, titles, and captions • Attach materials cleanly

  27. General Recommendations • Buy good resume-quality paper • Choose professional looking paper designs • Use colored art paper for accents and photo mats • Use professional lettering • Choose appropriate adhesives for different materials

  28. General Recommendations • Plan page layout before laser printing or attaching materials to expensive paper • Test it first on regular paper! • Get feedback from other people first! • Ask an expert to read captions first!

  29. How to Get Inspiration • Take a field trip to an art store and notice supplies • Colored pens, X-acto knives, rulers, reprographic film, transfer lettering, decorative tapes, etc. • Visit a craft store, notice supplies • Scissors for unique edges, stickers that look professional, etc.

  30. How to Get Inspiration • Visit a stationery store • Consider letter-writing paper as accent paper behind visuals • Consider using an envelope on a page with a visual “rising” from it • Consider textured papers for surface interest • Consider laser-printable border papers

  31. How to Get Inspiration • Review page layouts in magazines /adapt good ones • Find interesting quotes to illustrate your philosophy and use them as “pull quotes” • Search the Internet, looking for great ideas

  32. Content Recommendations • Develop a look or theme • Use the look or theme throughout • Include variety of visuals • Vary page layouts for interest

  33. Content Recommendations • Take many photos to ensure having a few good ones • 10-15 pieces is average number • 20 pieces is good maximum • Focus on your skills, abilities, and experiences • Develop brief, concise captions • Think “impact statements”

  34. Let’s Examine Some Portfolio Examples

  35. Portfolios of: • Angela Schroeder, Apparel merchandising senior • Internship - Polo-Ralph Lauren Shop, Tulsa • Keri Cain, Apparel merchandising senior • Internship - Target, Tulsa • Nicole Shores, Apparel design/production senior • Internship - Vanity Fair Intimates, Atlanta • Kelly Norvell, Apparel design/production senior • Internship - Anna Sui, New York

  36. Portfolio Example • Tips • May include Table of Contents (optional) • No page numbers needed • Notice use of hand sketches, “star” stickers, and gold tape for framing Kelly Norvell

  37. Portfolio Example • Tips • Highlight activities you coordinated • Take action photos • Student should appear in some photos • Note background mats • Use color scheme throughout portfolio • Note edge on mats • May overlap photos Angela Schroeder

  38. Portfolio Example • Tips • Extensive travel can show experience, knowledge of other cultures, and additional education • Focus on professional aspects of such travel • Notice “Harrods” store was cut around image Angela Schroeder

  39. Portfolio Example • Tips • Highlight trips to market or other examples of real experience in business or industry Angela Schroeder

  40. Portfolio Example • Tips • Highlight leadership in student or community organizations • The caption mentions: • Officer leadership • Oral presentation on internship • Doing on-campus display for her club Angela Schroeder

  41. Portfolio Example • Tips • Highlight internship experience • Photos show displays student designed • Notice unique framing of photos Angela Schroeder

  42. Portfolio Example • Tips • Highlighting front window displays completed during internship • Note overlap of photos • Note use of art paper in background • Note vertical caption Keri Cain

  43. Portfolio Example • Tips • “Watermarks” can be laser printed as background • This portfolio has a “Leadership” theme • Pull quote is used on side of page • Captions were laser printed • Great action shots Keri Cain

  44. Portfolio Example • Tips • Leadership in promotion of fashion • Notice “framing” of photo with solid strips cut from art paper Keri Cain

  45. Portfolio Example • Tips • Highlight campus leadership outside your department • Cite an actual activity or event you helped coordinate Keri Cain

  46. Portfolio Example • Tips • Highlight campus leadership outside your department • Use your caption to indicate the skills you developed • Note the pull quote • Note frame on photo Keri Cain

  47. Portfolio Example • Tips • Highlight internship experiences • Focus on merchandising or retail functions that are important to employers • Communicate important aspects of experience in caption Keri Cain

  48. Portfolio Example • Tips • Highlighting retail experience from internship • Use a variety of visuals such as floor layouts, as appropriate Keri Cain

  49. Portfolio Example • Tips • Highlighting creativity session led by intern • Caption focuses on creative techniques used and presentation board developed Nicole Shores