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Cellular Phones: The History PowerPoint Presentation
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Cellular Phones: The History

Cellular Phones: The History

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Cellular Phones: The History

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  1. Earliest "mobile" phones were used in WWII and were the size of backpacks (Developed by Motorola). Mobile phones have been around since at least 1950, but were attached to a vehicle (ambulance, police, etc), but were not connected to the telephone network. First Inventor of Cellphone was Rudy Krolopp (pictured) and it was the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. It was unveiled in 1983, took 10 years and 100 million dollars to develop. They sold for 3,995 and weighed 2 pounds. First commercial network was the ARP in Finland (Known as the zero generation network, 0G) In the 1980s first generation (1G) networks were introduced. Some were SACS, NIT, and AMPS. The second generation (2G) started to surface in the early 90s. Today, we are in the third generation networks (3G), but the first 3G network was launched in 2001 in Japan by DoCoMo. Cellular Phones: The History

  2. THE PRESENT • More than 1.5 billion people in the world are using cell phones nowadays. And the number of cell phone users is still continuously growing in an amazing speed. • About 700 million cell phones are produced every year. • Nokia is currently the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones, with a global device market share of approximately 40% in 2008. Other major mobile phone manufacturers (in order of market share) include Samsung (14%), Motorola (14%), Sony Ericsson (9%) and LG (7%). These manufacturers account for over 80% of all mobile phones sold and produce phones for sale in most countries. As cell phone keeps developing, it becomes multi-function handset. Now the major cell phone can do: Mp3 Email Video phone Video game 5. Internet Calendar Camera Dictionary etc….

  3. WHAT will THE CELL PHONE be IN THE FUTURE? In 5 years: A new technology which is to put a mini projector into a cell phone comes out recently. Maybe 5 years later, everybody can show their pictures and videos to their friends with projecting them on the wall. In 15 years: cell phone will become smaller and smaller. Easy to take and multi-function is the goal. AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology will be plug into cell phone. It just like a private robot. You can use voice to control your phone, it will aquatically setting it and schedule your calendar based on your personal information, character and so on. In 35 years: Cell phone will be embedded into ours body. There will be a screen on our arm and holographic technology will be also used. We can turn on the virtual reality control panel anytime we want. Control the cell phone just like control our minds.