long division n.
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Long Division

Long Division

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Long Division

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  1. Long Division How do I know when to move the decimal or when not to…

  2. To help you remember, think about this cat and the dog…

  3. The Cat and the Dog There was a family with a big, scaredy cat and an obnoxious dog. The animals never liked to be in the same room together at the same time. Sometimes the cat would stay in the house by itself and hide behind the couch. Sometimes the dog would be locked outside and the cat would either hide behind the couch or make fun of the dog in the window. Whatever. The end.

  4. The cat and dog are symbols for decimal points.Look to see how they react… this is how your decimals react in your division problems…

  5. The dog is out at the park and I am alone. Life is good! ) When the cat (decimal) is inside the house, it is happy. Leave it alone.

  6. I am here…even if you can’t see me! If you want me to come out, just ask. ) When the cat (decimal) is hiding inside the house, it is happy. If you need him, pull him out from behind the couch.

  7. I don’t like that dog! It scares me! For every step it comes near me, I am taking that number of pounces away! I just need to get to the front door so I can be dry. Why does that darn cat get to stay inside? ) The cat (decimal) is NOT happy unless the dog is outside. The dog is NOT happy being outside. For every step the dog takes toward the front door, the cat will pounce a step away from the dog.

  8. The Cat and the Dog • The cat never jumps away unless the dog is coming into the house…