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World Green Roof Congress

World Green Roof Congress. Whole Life Costs. Brad Bamfield +44 (0) 7803 133110 b.bamfield@thesolutionorgainisation.com. Presenter. Brad Bamfield +44 (0) 7803 133110 b.bamfield@thesolutionorgainisation.com Managing Director of The Solution Organisation Ltd

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World Green Roof Congress

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  1. World Green RoofCongress Whole Life Costs • Brad Bamfield • +44 (0) 7803 133110 • b.bamfield@thesolutionorgainisation.com

  2. Presenter • Brad Bamfield • +44 (0) 7803 133110 • b.bamfield@thesolutionorgainisation.com • Managing Director of The Solution Organisation Ltd • Chairman of the Whole Life Cost Forum

  3. Save the world or make money • Developers are not interested in saving the world • But they are interested in making money • Are they mutually exclusive? • Not if you talk their language

  4. Save the world or make money • Together we can save the world • Together we can increase your investment yield (increase profit) • Oh and by the way the World benefits too • How to construct the message

  5. Whole Life Costs & Sustainability • The Solution Organisation definition; A systematic set of objectives and strategies to improve the financial performance of the organisation while at the same time reducing its impact on the environment and developing a positive social effect

  6. 3 Elements of Sustainability Social Economic Environmental

  7. 3 Elements of Sustainability Area of sustainability Social Economic Environmental Area of sustainability

  8. Social Economic Environmental Activities in Sustainability Whole Life Cost Aesthetics Materials

  9. Whole Life Costs • Definition; “The systematic consideration of all relevant costs and revenues associated with the acquisition and ownership of an asset”. CRISP, the Construction Research and Innovation Strategy Panel

  10. What is relevant? • Costs that can be reasonably and accurately predicted. • What about end of life costs? • Hard to predict +10 years • Not last cost of this project but first cost of next • Discount rate reduces impact of differences

  11. Methodologies for Whole Life Costs • Net Present Value (NPV) • Discounted Cashflow (DCF) • Total Whole Life Cost (TWLC) • Annualised Whole Life Cost (AWLC)

  12. Discount rate • DCF predicts the future value of money by discounting the annual cashflows • WACC weighted average cost of capital + risk. • WACC varies from organisation to organisation due to balance between shareholders funds and borrowings

  13. Discount rate • WACC + Risk • Sovereign • Bank • Corporate • Project • Who specifies Rate? • Client, contractor or supplier?

  14. Capital and Revenue Costs • Focus on capital • Without appreciation of revenue costs how is best value achieved? • Capital and revenue different budgets different departments • How can I spend more capital to save you energy costs over 25 years? • Combine capital & revenue budgets

  15. Service life • Definition of functionality and condition limits states – or ‘triggers for intervention’ - for use in the prediction of whole life costs P B Bamforth, M Clift, M Gregory, D Patel DTI Contract no Cl 39/3/370 cc2330 • Available from TSO web site 21st Sept

  16. Table3 Currently used sources of information and their perceived reli ability Information sources Use Reliability Product suppliers 81 49 Previous projects 80 71 In - house expertise 79 68 Codes and standards 75 67 Personal experience 69 64 Consultants 67 56 Research Institutes 61 68 Professional Institutions 52 63 Trade Associations 50 42 Commercial databases 40 47 Universities 28 50 Service life

  17. 100 80 60 Perceived reliability Suppliers Trade Ass. 40 20 0 0 20 40 60 80 100 Use Figure 4 The relationship between the use of information and its perceived reliability Service life Past projects In house

  18. Importance of the Supply Chain • Who can tell us most about a product? • Product databases • Users / maintenance managers • Previous projects • Consultants • Personal experience • The supplier & manufacturer

  19. Procurement • Specification • Performance • Don’t tell me what you want – • tell me what you want to do .

  20. Whole Life Costs Benefits • WLC analysis is a decision making tool • It is not an arbitrary figure but a comparator, it changes with time • Compares :- Capital Only to Capital + Cost in Use • Products or systems against each other • Demonstrates value over a period of time

  21. Whole Life Costs Benefits • Bridgewater Somerset • http://livingroofs.org/livingpages/ wholelifecosts.html • WLC financial only • WLC + non financial • Drainage gains were excluded

  22. Whole Life Costs Example

  23. Whole Life Costs Example

  24. Whole Life Costs Example

  25. Whole Life Costs Example

  26. Whole Life Costs Example Combining Financial & Non-financial We used the WLCF online WLC tool for the financial analysis and The Solution Organisation’s standard qualitative multi-criteria method for the non-financial which includes environmental, performance and social impacts of the options.

  27. Whole Life Costs Example • Better value from NPV, TWLC and AWLC • So on these results what did the client say? • Of course he approved the living roof and opted to investigate 4 more • And oh yes we will have we helped the world a little bit as well

  28. In Conclusion • Relationship between Whole Life Costs and Sustainability • The meaning of Whole Life Cost • The methodologies of Whole Life Cost • Capital costs & revenue costs • Service life – who do you believe • The role of the supply chain • Procurement performance v specification • Whole Life Costs example – benefits & profits

  29. Thank you Brad Bamfield +44 (0) 7803 133110 b.bamfield@thesolutionorgainisation.com WLCF on line Tool www.wlcf.org

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