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ITS World Congress

ITS World Congress. ITS World Congress. - who are we? Association created in 2006 by the Aquitaine Regional Council Funded by the Aquitaine Regional Council and its 35 members: Research and academic centres such as CETE SO, ESTIA, INRIA, University of Bordeaux,….

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ITS World Congress

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  1. ITS World Congress

  2. ITS World Congress • - who are we? • Association created in 2006 by the Aquitaine Regional Council • Funded by the Aquitaine Regional Council and its 35 members: • Research and academic centres such as CETE SO, ESTIA, INRIA, University of Bordeaux,…. • Private companies such as BULL, CAP GEMINI, STERIA, THALES,…. • SMEs such as AERODRONES, GEOLOCSYSTEMS, HELILEO …. • Consulting companies such as ACE MANAGEMENT, CAPITAL HT, ISOCEL,…

  3. ITS World Congress • – what do we do? • Work to promote satellite-based applications, among them ITS • Elected and funded in 2011 as an “Excellence Cluster” by the French Ministry of Planning • Lead the Host of ITS WC 2015 in Bordeaux

  4. ITS World Congress • Why the TOPOS/BORDEAUX bid? • Every two years (since 1981) Bordeaux organises the Vinexpo International Exhibition: 40 000 attendees from the 5 continents in one week in Bordeaux • Since the 1980’s Bordeaux manages world-success ITS applications such as Bison Futé and Gertrude • Bordeaux has renowned ITS research centres such as CETE SO, EUROVIA VINCI, INRIA, … • People from the world of ITS also deserve the Vinexpo savoir-faire and a visit to this historic city well known worldwide

  5. ITS World Congress The Host City of Bordeaux as co-funder Bordeaux Urban Community as co-funder Gironde Department as co-funder Aquitaine Region as co-funder CETE SO as scientific coordinator TOPOS AQUITAINE and its members as leader

  6. ITS World Congress • The National Committee • Representatives of: • Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing: ITS Mission, CERTU, DRAST, CETMEF,... • ATEC ITS FRANCE • Public and private ITS companies such as ASFA (French Motorways Association), VINCI EUROVIA, RENAULT, CS COMMUNICATIONS,… • Competitiveness Clusters such as AEROSPACE VALLEY, MOVEO • National high-level sponsors such as THALES, INRIA • The Host, such as TOPOS, CETE SO • (see all the support letters)

  7. ITS World Congress Bordeaux and sustainable ITS Bordeaux has always been at the cutting edge of ITS in the urban environment.

  8. GERTRUDE, a tool of excellence to manage urban traffic As early as the 70’s, the GERTRUDE system was created to control the city’s traffic lights automatically, according to the traffic situation at any given moment. Today, GERTRUDE is used in more than thirty cities around the world, on every continent. The system has been adapted to new urban transport modes such as the tramway.

  9. Urban transportation network Another worldwide technological innovation is the tramway’s “APS” or“ALIMENTATION PAR LE SOL”. Indeed, the Bordeaux tramway is ground-powered over 14km in the historical town centre.

  10. By 2015 the urban area of Bordeaux will have 4 tramlines - a total of 67 kilometres - linking together the 27 municipalities of Bordeaux Urban Community. The international congress and exhibition centre will be within easy access of the rest of the agglomeration, by tram. An ELECTRIC SHUTTLE permanently circulates in the historic heart of the city, with no fixed timetable or stopping points. The TRAM-TRAINbetween Bordeaux and Blanquefort will be another world first, combining tram and train on the same rails.

  11. The structure of the tram-bus-bicycle network is a reference throughout Europe, with 944 km of dedicated lanes and cycle facilities, including 700 km of cycle paths and 8 secured cycle parks. From 2010, bicycles are available on a self-service basis at every main tram stop.

  12. Information An inter-operable multimedia information system for mobiles will soon be available for all users of public transport in the county and throughout the region. The Bordeaux ring-road uses state-of-the-art technologies with ground sensors and variable message signs. Journey times between the area’s main sites are displayed, and a study is underway for a system that will indicate the number of free spaces in car-parks. Freight and transport The Aquitaine Region supports a number of innovative projects for sustainable transport: AQUIFRET for multimodality of container freight transport at the Port of Bordeaux; PACC for ecodriving in public transport on the road; AGATE for safety in the transport of groups of children; PRODIGE for the management and tracking of parcels by EGNOS and RFID.

  13. A long-term commitment for the GALILEO Programme to become a reality in 2015 GALILEO, the civil satellite navigation programme developed by the EU is expected to become fully operational in 2015. This cutting-edge technology of a decade offers the potential for high precision navigation to meet the modern needs of the mobile citizen. There are many uses for satellite navigation in daily life, from guiding motor vehicles to transport safety, as well as numerous commercial applications yet to be discovered across the transportation sector.

  14. GALILEO is a system with such global ambitions that we anticipate it to create a tremendous impact in the community as early as 2015. Therefore, we suggest to embrace the satellite and its capacity at creating value as the major theme for the Bordeaux ITS World Congress in 2015.

  15. Potential demonstrations for the ITS congress in Bordeaux: • Visit of the GERTRUDE system controlling traffic flow in town. • Visit of ALIENOR, the city’s traffic information and management centre. • Use of the Electric Shuttle between the congress centre and the area’s hotels. • At Bordeaux’s Maritime Port, demonstration of Sea-River-Road multimodality for transport of the Airbus A380 fuselage. Demonstration of Sea-Rail-Road multimodality for the transport of containers. • Visit of South West France’s Technical Study Centre of the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea. Presentation of Bison Futé, the national information system for road users. • Presentation of electric cars used in the town of La Rochelle. • Demonstrations of localisation of urban parking spaces for mobility impaired persons. Rail-Road multimodality Electric car

  16. ITS World Congress Proposed themes & topics Arousing public interest We are considering a partnership with the scientific museum Cap Sciences located in Bordeaux. This institution is one of the first in France for popularization of scientific themes. Having already worked with Topos Aquitaine within the scope of another congress, Cap Sciences is perfectly qualified to arouse public awareness of ITS.

  17. ITS World Congress Pre and Post Congress technical visits proposed .La Rochelle, with a presentation of electric cars used in the town.   .Toulouse, with a visit of the CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales National Center for Space Studies) and the Space City. .Dax with a visit of the expertise center for Galileo signals.

  18. ITS World Congress Proposed showcases & demonstrations On-site demonstrations: Green City Outside the exhibition hall, thanks to the vast space available complete with streets and junctions, a green ITS city will be presented, demonstrating the new technologies of 2015, such as satellite-guided electro-mobile systems, ground and airborne UAV systems, state-of-the-art Location Based Services for electronic devices, on-board units, Smartphones, etc…

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