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Receiver Gloves

Receiver Gloves

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Receiver Gloves

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  1. Receiver Gloves • Hello, my name is Ian O’Shea. • I am a ninth grader from Bellwood-antis.

  2. Problem • Which type of receiver glove catches the footballs more often than other leading brands?

  3. “ I can’t imagine playing with any other glove. When I wear Cutters I’m at the top of my game.” • Kevin Walter • If Cutters weren’t the best I wouldn’t be wearing them.” • Terrell Owens

  4. Research • uses a different type of material than other receiver gloves. • C-tack and unlike other receiver gloves when they get wet they don’t lose their tackiness. • All you have to do is dry them off and it restores their tackiness.

  5. Friction • My experiment has a lot to do with friction. Friction: Depends on surfaces

  6. Hypothesis • Cutters receiver gloves catch footballs more often than other leading receiver glove brands.

  7. My experiment • I tied a football onto a rope and tied the other end to a basketball hoop ( 3.6m)to create a pendulum. • someone drop the football from the same height each time and had a receiver try to catch it.

  8. Apparatus design • Step 1.) Tie a rope through the laces of a football. • Step 2.) Design and build a pendulum attached to the rope with the football on it hinged above a pivoting point.

  9. How to place the receiver • Step 3.) Place the receiver directly under the pivoting point. • Step 4.) Have the receiver under the pivoting point put on the receiver gloves.

  10. Catching the football • Step 5.) Have a person on a ladder so they can drop the football and it will swing consistently each time they drop for each trial.

  11. Amount of Catches • I did a total of 125 catches for each glove for a total of 625 catches for five people.

  12. Redo • some of the receivers got tired near the end of the experiment. • So the gloves that were used last might not do as good as other gloves. • I did my experiment again and had everyone where a different set of gloves each time.

  13. Experimental Variable • Brand of receiver glove.

  14. Experimental Groups

  15. My control group • To make sure no outside influences were effecting my project I added a control group. • My control group was catching the football without gloves to see if gloves even help you.

  16. Control Variables • Temperature during experiment. • Height the football was dropped. • Length of the rope. • Size and inflation of football. • Amount of sleep and what the subject had for breakfast. • Can’t eat two hours before the trial. • Rotate the order of the glove because of fatigue.

  17. Chart of catches to drops

  18. Averages

  19. Conclusion • My data doesn’t support my hypothesis. • I rejectmy hypothesis that Cutters receiver gloves will catch footballs more often than other leading receiver glove brands.

  20. improvement • If I were to do this again I would have picked a different time of the year to do it. • I would also use more test subjects to make my results more accurate.

  21. Further research • I could also test all different types of gloves. • Such as baseball gloves and golfing gloves. • After doing this experiment I realize I can test many other things that involve improving athletic ability.

  22. The end • Thank you for letting present my experiment.

  23. Questions • I will now answer any questions that you have for me.