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  1. EduRad Journal of Radiology Case Reports A vendor and location independent workstation tool for case consultation in private or in a cloud based environment Roland Talanow, MD PhD EduRad, South Lake Tahoe, NV

  2. The Problem Especially general and solo radiologists face often situations in which they are in need for a peer consultation for a difficult case.

  3. The Problem This becomes a: Workflow issue because time consuming literature research might delay the workflow Medical-legal issue if providing potentially an inaccurate report. Desired solution: radiologists who are in need for a case consultation receive such in a timely manner!

  4. Approach to the solution This tool allows radiologists taking images from the current case study and sending it to a dedicated section in a protected community of over 13,000 Radiology professionals OR directly to a specialist's workstation. This community has been used for several years for case consultation Opinions about cases are usually provided within minutes to hours.

  5. Approach to the solution • No installation is needed and thus can be used in an environment with limited user rights. • The program mask: • is short and intuitive • provides several options for • taking the image from the workstation • title • short description where a question can be placed • optional case relevant parameters

  6. Approach to the solution • Many Extras: • Multiple capture functions (image, video) • Multiple editor functions (e.g. for de-identification) • Multiple export functions for different needs (image, zip, video) • Skype-like communication with your connections • File sharing/private file protfolio • Radiology specific search engine • Radiology news automatically fetched

  7. Approach to the solution • With one mouse click the case can be sent: • to community of professionals where cases can be discussed amongst a group of peers/specialists or in a private consultation - also as realtime chat. • OR • directly to a person’s workstation

  8. Approach to the solution • If sent to community: • The user may choose to display their name or stay anonymous. • As soon as a peer provides an opinion, the user will be notified via email. • The user may also discuss this case with peers in the protected community to get more insight. • Cases can be also discussed in a private consultation - also as realtime chat.

  9. Approach to the solution • If sent to private person (directly to workstation): • Skype-like communication • Discuss in realtime chat • Share other (supportive) files • Private file portfolio (HIPAA compliant) • Ask other trusted connections for second, third or more opinions

  10. How it works Step 1 Go on and download the file (ONE SINGLE file!) You can place it on your desktop or on your flash drive and carry it wherever you need it - thus being also workstation/location independent No installation necessary! - Bypassing permission restrictions encountered in common hospital/practice setting

  11. How it works Just plugin – NO installation necessary!

  12. How it works Many image edit functions (e.g. de-identify, crop, splice etc.)

  13. How it works Many image annotation possibilities for decision support and teaching

  14. How it works Add images to image stacks… Save images in different image formats …or altogether in a zip file or internal file format for later editing

  15. How it works Capture screen actions as video Preferences allow capturing certain areas or all you see

  16. How it works Sophisticated video capture options

  17. How it works Save as video… …or as image stack (e.g. for Journal of Radiology Case Report interactive stacks)

  18. How it works Images in image stack can be named specifically

  19. How it works Ask colleagues for second opinion, advice via protected private chat

  20. How it works Share captured image or files from local computer with peers.

  21. How it works Control your own private file portfolio and with whom you share (e.g. for second opinion)

  22. How it works Create easily teaching files

  23. How it works Create teaching files and share in the community or ask other professionals in the community for their opinions

  24. How it works Teach students, discuss your case with peers or ask specialists for opinions

  25. How it works Relevant information The program instantly provides you with additional information relevant to your case (images, cases, publications)

  26. How it works Customize the program for your needs with many preference settings

  27. How it works Integrated Radiology specific search engine for any spontaneous question during your work

  28. How it works Integrated Search Engine Find images, videos and many more valuable resources

  29. How it works Literature Search Even a relevant literature search for your case can be performed

  30. How it works Integrated latest Radiology news are provided in a separate tab

  31. How it works The program stays always in the background – ready whenever you need it

  32. Discussion • This vendor-independent solution allows: • taking images ad videos directly from the screen • exporting files and cases • sending them through an intuitive interface to • a protected community of Radiology professionals • directly to a specialist's workstation for immediate consultation

  33. Discussion • This tool can be integrated in • other communities • practices • hospitals • to provide a quick case consult without the need to purchase expensive software.

  34. Conclusion This free clinical tool for radiologists allows receiving quickly and easily consultations from peers / specialists for their difficult cases. This tool helps especially solo radiologists or radiologists in remote locations improving their workflow and decreasing medical-legal liability by increasing the accuracy of the reports.

  35. For more information please contact: Roland Talanow, MD, PhD at You may also go on and download the mobile version RadSnap(with more limited functionality) It’s free

  36. EduRad Journal of Radiology Case Reports A vendor and location independent workstation tool for case consultation in private or in a cloud based environment Roland Talanow, MD PhD EduRad, South Lake Tahoe, NV