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End Of The Year Project!! PowerPoint Presentation
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End Of The Year Project!!

End Of The Year Project!!

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End Of The Year Project!!

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  1. End Of The Year Project!! By: Hali Miramontes

  2. What I've learned this year!

  3. We learned about writing checks and how to do it properly

  4. At the beginning of the year the first thing that we started with was key boarding. We type every day at the beginning of class I've learn to type a lot better and faster.

  5. This is Hali’s RANNNDDDDOOMMM ARRTICLLE…article, article. (Ha-ha sorry it echoed!) This article is about random stuff that comes to my head!! Right now it is 11:27 on October, 8, 2010 in 6th period technology!! Today is homecoming and I can not wait till the game we are going to whoop some bulldogs… eh uhm behinds. Grr I like to grr a lot that might be because I’m a tiger!! Ha Elijah Strand gave me that nickname, I call him lion. Lion is my best friend!! Ohh no today will be a week since I accidentally killed that butterfly... I feel really bad now... but it’s ok because it’s HOMECOMING!! It’s been ten minutes since I first started writing this and I’m going to whack Lindsey Miller up side the head next time she asks me how to spell something. I just got to thinking by the time you read this it probably wont be homecoming day anymore… but its okay because you can tell me how it went! Yummy for lunch we are having kittens with a side order of frog tongue doesn’t that make u want seconds? Beep boo bop beep beep beep this just in Alexis Darter is coming to my house after school!! Ohh no I just now realized we cant have kitten for lunch because my other best friend Cortney Ince’s nickname is kitten! She is going to stay the night after the homecoming game…yay!!! Rawr I’m a dinosaur tiger!! Hmmm it’s about time to go!! Talks to you next time…have fun!! Wait no ahhh!! I’m not done yet its Tuesday, October 12, 2010, 1:11pm, and I still have writing to do!! Well typing actually… we lost the homecoming game... by one point 27-28…sadness. Hey guys if you read Lindsey Miller’s article she sooo ripped off of mine…with all the randomness... and yall know me I’m WAY more random than her!! I do believe she said she hit me... She didn’t she touched my leg……it was creepy!! Well I think I’m about done!! Until next time, bye!! This is what I put on my news letter I made at beginning of year!

  6. Audacity

  7. Audacity This slide is going to explain how to edit voice on audacity one of the first steps of this is to go on audacity second you must plug in your headphones in to the microphone plug in your computer then you push the record button in the top left hand side of computer When you are done recording press the stop button highlight your sound wit the mouse Click effects at the top Pick one Play your sound listen to it and if you like it.. Go to top, click “file” “Save project as” Then save…taa daaa

  8. Audacity 2 On this I'm going to explain how to use audacity as like a radio station First you insert you music to audacity Then you click where you want your second music file to be (try over lapping the first song a little) Click project at the top Then click align tracks Then click with cursor then listen and see if you think its right then you can save it the same way as the before time (last slide)