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Stephen Warrilow - Programme Delivery PowerPoint Presentation
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Stephen Warrilow - Programme Delivery

Stephen Warrilow - Programme Delivery

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Stephen Warrilow - Programme Delivery

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  1. Stephen Warrilow - Programme • Leading your people through change • “In the current climate of deep uncertainty, people need leadership • that addresses their deepest fears; • that articulates a message that resonates with their emotional reality.” • Daniel Goleman

  2. Stephen Warrilow - Programme • “The human side… it’s the overwhelming issue” • “I don’t regret saying anything [in the book]; • it’s more what I left out. • In particular, the human side is much harder than the technology side • and much harder than the process side. • It’s the overwhelming issue.” • Michael Hammer • Co-Author of “Re-engineering the Corporation”

  3. Stephen Warrilow - Programme • Leadership that resonates with people • “Emotions are contagious, and they are most contagious from the top down, • from leaders to followers. • In the current climate this is important because • people cannot work effectively if they are experiencing emotional turbulence. • Daniel Goleman “Primal Leadership”

  4. Stephen Warrilow - Programme • HOW you lead - drives business performance • How you lead… determines about 70% of the emotional climate in your organisation • which in turn drives 20-30% of business performance.” • Daniel Goleman

  5. Stephen Warrilow - Programme • It’s all about people - and processes that work for people • The single biggest reason for the astonishingly high • 70% failure rate of ALL business change initiatives • has been the over-emphasis on process rather than people. • The failure of leadership to take full account of the impact of change • on those people who are most impacted by it. • Closely allied to that reason is the lack of • process to directly address the human aspects of change.

  6. Stephen Warrilow - Programme • 70% of allchange initiatives fail to deliver • the anticipated benefits... • ...and that was before • the current financial meltdown. • Now…getting it is right is business critical!

  7. Stephen Warrilow - Programme 70% of allchange initiatives fail to deliver the anticipated benefits WHY...? (1) The gap between the strategic vision and a successful programme implementation and the lack of a practical model and tools to bridge that gap (2) The “hidden and built in resistance to change”of corporate cultures and the lack of processes to address this (3) Failure to take full account of the impact of the changes on those people who are most affected by them

  8. Stephen Warrilow - Programme • I provide specialist support for directors delivering significant change initiatives - • specifically for: • Programme directors of established programmes • Divisional directors of corporates • Directors of mid-range corporates

  9. Stephen Warrilow - Programme Typical entry scenarios • “We’ve done the strategic review, so…how do we do this and make it work...?” • “We know what we’re doing and we know what the issues are… we just need some extra flexible resource to help get it delivered on time…” • “We’re up and running, and...we’re up to our necks in alligators…”

  10. Stephen Warrilow - Programme • Focuses on the areas outside of the scope of traditional programme and change management methodologies • Gets "under the radar", "behind the lines" - and does "whatever it takes" to ensure that you DO succeed and DON'T become part of the 70% of failures: 1. Before you have an issue - to anticipate it 2. When you have an issue - to neutralise and resolve it 3. After you’ve had an issue - to make sure it doesn’t happen again • Specialist support that:

  11. Stephen Warrilow - Programme (1) “ don’t pay me to understand your business” • Within agreed term of reference 2 - 10 days at my expense • Following initial meeting(s) - the first step is always a preliminary analysis • You don’t pay me to understand your business, you get to see me in action and to decide if you want to work with me • I get to see if I can help you and if I want to • Your deliverable is a verbal debrief, a one page summary and (if appropriate) an outline proposal for the next step So what’s my USP?

  12. Stephen Warrilow - Programme So what’s my USP? (cont) (2) “...been there, seen it, done it...and then some!” • 20 years cross-sector experience with 100 + companies as an independent resource to directors and senior management, in Corporate, SME and OMB environments • Multi-disciplinary functional experience • Programme management – support & recovery • Organisational change & development • Troubleshooting & business risk assessment • Business process engineering & design • I.T. impact assessment • Resources • Best mix of your in-house methodologies and my own proprietary tools and techniques • Work alone and/or create teams with your people • My own extensive network of associates and trusted former colleagues • Market / Customer / Competitor analysis • Direct marketing • Sales management & training (B2B) • Business consultancy & strategy review • Business development (B2B)

  13. Stephen Warrilow - Programme Specifically - how can I add value to your change initiative? • Define and create a programme to deliver your change initiative and the benefits • Addresskey areas outside of the scope of MSP, PRINCE and other traditional tools • Manage the politics and act as “guardian of your best interests” • Test your programme’s impacts on all key stakeholders - and remove resistance • Risk assess your programme and implement what has to be done to avoid failure • Ensurebuy-in and motivationto change management requirements • Manage complex interfaces and relationships with key stakeholders and contractors • Identify and resolve the cultural gaps and issues - the hidden source of all resistance

  14. PROGRAMME DELIVERY Bull Information Systems COLT Telecom DPDS Consulting Group Eastern Group / TXU Europe FOCUS Consulting Group Strachen & Henshaw (Weir Group) Stockport NHS Trust Oakland International BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Action Computer Supplies Dun & Bradstreet BT ICT Donnelly M & S Financial Services Sun Banking Corporation Telecom Eirean BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Devon County Council D & B Software Services Farnell Electronics Flight Electronics Forward Trust Gestetner ITT Industries Kent Enterprise Office McDonnell Douglas Mettler Toledo Osram Portsmouth City Council Schlumberger Industries Southern Electric SPP Pumps Standard Chartered UCB Bank Stephen Warrilow - Programme A few of the organisations I have helped

  15. Stephen Warrilow - Programme What people say about me… “...objective and extremely constructive… Stephen displayed absolute honesty, integrity and diplomacy…” Paul Ziolek Operations Director Oakland International Ltd “…Stephen displayed skill and confidence in designing and implementing the business, management and communication processes required to fast-track the programme delivery…” “…he fulfilled a key role in the relationship management of a major subcontractor to ensure that contractual delivery dates were met… a ‘delivery mentality ’ … Stephen is a considerable asset to the senior management of any large programme…” Terry Dewhurst Director, IT Transformation & Business Change “...effective in coming to a holistic and perceptive diagnosis of the key issues… I recommend Stephen as a resource for aiding improvements and analysing key issues that will lead to this…” Ann Barnes Director of Operations & Performance Stockport NHS Trust

  16. Stephen Warrilow - Programme • What is the impact of this? • What is your best outcome? • Should we be talking…? Where are you hurting most?

  17. Stephen Warrilow - Programme Specialist support for directors delivering significant change initiatives • 01275 349878 • 07860 215986 • • Lynton Glenthorne Ltd, 2 Beach Mews, The Beach, Clevedon, Bristol, BS21 7QU • I look forward to hearing from you Thank you for your time