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12 Perfect Beauty Tips For Healthy Skin

Browse through the perfect beauty tips by argan oil producers in Morocco to make skin healthy and glowing for ever.

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12 Perfect Beauty Tips For Healthy Skin

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  1. 12 perfect beauty tips for Healthy & Glowing Skin!!

  2. Long, Lustrous Hair and Flawless Complexion is what we all secretly desire for… Our skin needs time and care for rejuvenation and regeneration and without basic care, improving your skin condition and tone would be a difficult task!! Check out these beauty tips…

  3. #1. Get rid of blackheads… Blackheads are tricky. They come from dirt getting into open pores. Best thing you can do is go get extractions ( washing your face, steam it then use a metal stick to poke out each black head) then start using a proper toner and moisturizer. If you don’t want to get extractions, use a good exfoliate once a week, followed by a mud mask. It should open up your pores then detoxify them.

  4. Use an exfoliating oil-free cleanser, astringent toner , vitamin c dark spot removing serum (for evening and brightening your skin-tone), an oil-free moisturizer and follow with an oil-free sunscreen. Make sure you use a more abrasive exfoliate once a week to even out your skin tone. #2. How to make skin lighter…

  5. #3. How to get rid of blemish spot after acne… Scaring is very common after acne, try a vitamin C serum, and make sure you always use sunscreen since the sun will make them worse.

  6. With body moisturizers you can use most things, try to get something with Vitamin E and Argan Oil. You have to like the texture of what you’re using, so make sure you feel it first #4. A good body moisturizer…

  7. #5. When to use Accutane… Are you VERY oily? If so you can use accutane.  It will make your skin dry and dehydrated, so make sure you use a hydrating enough moisturizer and something like midnight recovery concentrate to balance out your moisture barrier.

  8. #6. Good weekly regimen to take care of eczema on face… Don’t exfoliate using a physical exfoliate, get something that exfoliates on a chemical level, or something fruit enzyme based. This will gently remove the dead skin without scrubbing and irritating further. Use a very gentle cleanser without alcohol, a milky toner, and a hydrating moisturizer. If you want to go in further send me a message and I’ll give you an exact list of products I would recommend.

  9. #7. How to get rid of scars because of chicken pox … Are you oily? For the scaring use a vitamin c serum for dark spots. Use an oil free cleanser and lotion, that should help with your excess oiliness. Also if the scarring is also texture and not just discoloration, make sure you’re using an abrasive scrub once a week.

  10. #8.  How to get rid of sunburn … Aloe vera is pretty much the best thing that you can do, also shea butter is great for that kind of thing…

  11. #9.  How to get rid of stretch marks … Stretch marks can never be removed by beauty products. You can prevent them by using a hydrating body moisturizer. But stretch marks are a white scar, so lack of pigment. Laser is the only treatment. Sorry. #10.  Improve Skin Elasticity … Using a serum. Something with hylaronic acid is great.

  12. #11.  How to get rid of yeast … Use a non-scented cleanser because yeast can often spawn from over perfumed products. Make sure you shower as soon as you can after sweating. #12.  How to correct thinning hair… This is tough. That’s a genetic issue, there are scalp treatments that help to create a good environment for hair growth. But if your mother’s father is bald, you probably will be too.  If you use a lot of hair gels, try to give your scalp time to breath, that can also cause thinning.

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