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Diversity Roundtable The Home Depot Canada PowerPoint Presentation
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Diversity Roundtable The Home Depot Canada

Diversity Roundtable The Home Depot Canada

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Diversity Roundtable The Home Depot Canada

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  1. Diversity RoundtableThe Home Depot Canada Leesa Fernandez Director, Talent Management, Diversity & Inclusion July 30, 2013

  2. Agenda • Home Depot Canada’s Diversity Journey • Diversity & Inclusion Vision Statement • Business Case • Strategic Framework • Embedding D&I into THD culture • D&I Leadership Council • ELA • Workforce Census • External Benchmark 2013 – The Equity ContinuumTM • Obstacles to overcome • Measuring success

  3. Home Depot Canada’s Diversity Journey • Start D&I Journey • Top down approach • Started working with TWI: • D&I Vision Statement • First ELA • Initial Priorities • D&I Council • First D&I Awareness Week • Continued to build relationship with TWI: • Completed Workforce Census • Developed and implemented D&I training for all leaders Created new role: Manager, Organizational Effectiveness, Diversity & Inclusion Developed and implemented D&I training for all associates Introduced Women In Leadership Program Diversity scorecard during NA HR Review Built National Partnerships 2010 2007 2008/2009

  4. Home Depot Canada’s Diversity Journey Affinity Groups – Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) Re-launch D&I Leadership Council (new President) Second ELA HD Connections (mentorship program) • Build capacity • Sustain D&I programs • Support growth of ARGs and tie to Team Depot • Communication Plan • Link to business • Improved employee survey results for D&I Survey for field management linking D&I to business and associates Implementing new ARG Certification of 2 HR staff in ELA Proposed: Build on 2013 Focus on ARGs ELA Workforce Census Employee Survey 2011 2014 2013 2012

  5. At The Home Depot, we are committed to providing an environment that is, and feels, inclusive for all people. We combine our individual talents, skills and experiences with those of others to enrich the lives of our associates, customers and communities. Diversity & Inclusion Vision Statement

  6. What is the business case for Diversity at THD • Delivering exceptional and personalized service to a diverse customer baseby ensuring our workforce is representative of the communities in which we operate • Demonstrating our core values – Bernie and Arthur our founders: “our values are the spine that shapes the way we do business” • Respect for All People requires that we treat all of our associates and customers with dignity and respect • Taking Care of Our People means recognizing and encouraging diversity of thoughts and ideas so they can grow, regardless of their backgrounds and differences • Doing The Right Thing: making all of our associates and customers feel included and valued requires more effort

  7. D&I Strategic Framework Setting expectations, objectives and measuring results Respect for all people and fostering inclusion Fully integrating inclusive behaviours into leadership Attracting, retaining and developing diverse talent

  8. Leadership and Execution Strategic Guidance Strategy and Planning Implementation

  9. How do we embed diversity into THD culture? • Setting the tone is crucial • Diversity & Inclusion Council • Equitable Leader Assessment • Associate Resource Groups • Awareness • Diversity & Inclusion Training for all associates • Inclusiveness Index – our Employer of Choice scores increased to 79% in 2012 • Women in Leadership Program • Recruitment • Utilize different recruitment channels to target diverse applicant pools • In 2010, The Home Depot updated its career pages and added a “We Embrace Diversity Section” • In 2012, the 180 Home Depot stores formed partnerships with 280 local organizations for the purposes of recruiting diverse associates.

  10. ARGs at The Home Depot Mission:To foster an inclusive environment at The Home Depot where people of all different abilities are able to achieve success and reach their full potential. Chair: District Manager Executive Sponsor:Senior Director Mission:To promote a safe and inclusive workplace for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) associates by providing the necessary resources and tools which will promote understanding, increase acceptance, and advance equality to build unity and cohesion amongst our associates through events, activities and information. Chair: Store Manager Executive Sponsor:Senior Director Mission:Promote professional growth for women at Home Depot through networking, development activities and community outreach. Chair: Senior Manager Executive Sponsor:Senior Director Mission:Act as a resource for The Home Depot and our associates by encouraging intercultural understanding through celebration, education, and providing culturally specific insight to drive business growth. Chair: Senior Analyst Executive Sponsor:Senior Director

  11. Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council • Started in 2007 • Re-launched in 2011 • Initial successes: • Developed D&I Vision Statement (2007) • Sponsored initial Equitable Leader Assessment (2007) • Initiated workforce census in (2009) • Supported development and roll out of diversity & inclusion training (2009-2010) • Equitable Leader Assessment #2 in 2011

  12. Role of the D&I Leadership Council • Link D&I to business priorities • Provide strategic guidance to Associate Resource Groups and D&I team • Approve ARG strategic plans • Make decisions on divisional initiatives • Act as diversity ambassadors throughout the organization • Mentor and sponsor diverse talent • Focus on long term goals • Speak about the importance of diversity in HR Review process • Influence others to embrace importance of diversity

  13. Equitable Leader Assessment TWI Inc. Equitable Leader Assessment™ • The Equitable Leader Assessment (ELA) assesses whether employees behave in a manner consistent with a deep understanding of diversity-related issues, by measuring the extent to which they demonstrate core behaviours related to working effectively in a diverse work environment. • Provided individual Equitable Leadership reports to all DMs, Director’s Sr. Director’s and VPs • Included an aggregate assessment of THD Canada leaders compared to 2007 assessment • 2007 score = 3.19 • 2011 score = 3.34

  14. ELA Competencies

  15. Workforce Census • What is a workforce census? • A workforce census collects information on demographic characteristics, an enumeration of our associates • Why conduct a census? • Like the federal government’s census, we want to better understand how to serve the needs of our associates, customers and communities • Why should associates participate? • We want to better serve the needs of our associates and to do this, we need to have an accurate and honest indication of who our associates are and what characteristics they bring to The Home Depot Canada

  16. Workforce Census • Our Core Values reflect our commitment to our associates and to diversity and inclusion • Associates play the most important role in our organization • Key for us to know and understand who they are to create a more inclusive workplace

  17. Workforce Census Findings • How diverse Home Depot Canada is • We communicate in multiple languages • Home Depot associates like to learn and develop their careers • A large number of associates have a religious or spiritual affiliation • A large number of associates have dependent care responsibilities • We plan for the future and for retirement

  18. External Benchmark – 2013The Equity Continuum TM 2.58 (2012)

  19. What are some obstacles we have faced on the journey – and how do we try to overcome them? • Keeping Diversity & Inclusion top of mind and fresh • Helping people understand it is a journey and not a destination • Provide autonomy to associates, e.g. the Associate Resource Groups. • Communications – we utilize diverse internal communication vehicles so that Diversity & Inclusion is talked about in different ways • Have senior sponsors (e.g. Executive Sponsor for ARGs and Diversity &Inclusion Leadership Council) to continually and consistently drive the message

  20. How do you measure success in this area? • In 2012 we increased our Diversity and Inclusion satisfaction score by 2% to 79% • Associate Resource Groups (ARG) membership increase YOY • Number of associates volunteering to support the different ARG’s and the events held • Tracking is utilized in HR functions on a national and North American basis in terms of tracking hiring, promotion and retention and is imbedded in our succession planning processes • The Home Depot Canada was recognized for the 4th year in a row as one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for 2013