mrs sime 1 st period march 18 2010 n.
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Mrs.Sime 1 st period March 18, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Mrs.Sime 1 st period March 18, 2010

Mrs.Sime 1 st period March 18, 2010

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Mrs.Sime 1 st period March 18, 2010

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  1. Mrs.Sime 1st period March 18, 2010

  2. Characters Character's Name Character’s Roles Villain (human) Super Hero (flower) Bernard’s brother(human) Bernard and Chum Chum’s sister (human) • Bernard Breath • Bekkeh • Chum Chum • Benech

  3. Bernard Breath, Chum Chum, Benech, and Bekkeh were all friends that loved to play outside together.

  4. One day, they were all having fun, until Bernard Breath accidently stepped on Bekkeh. They all started laughing instead of helping Bekkeh, so she got really mad and it started a huge fight.

  5. Bernard Breath, Benech, and Chum Chum went home and started thinking of a plan to hurt Bekkeh and the earth she thrives on. The plan was to wait for a thunderstorm and then suck up all the useable nitrogen in the air from the lightning.

  6. Doing this would keep plants from getting nitrogen that they could use and without the nitrogen, the plants would die and it would ruin the whole nitrogen cycle.

  7. The first night that there was a storm, Bernard Breath, Benech, and Chum Chum snuck out while Bekkeh was fast asleep.

  8. They took their biggest breath, and sucked in all of the nitrogen from the air.

  9. The next morning Bekkeh and the other plants could barely breath. A little bird that was awake the night before, told them the story about what happened.

  10. The bird said that the evil villains went hiding and that they sucked up all of the nitrogen in the air and took it away in their stomachs.

  11. Bekkeh searched all day until she found Bernard Breath, Bennech, and Chum Chum. She jumped on the villains and the nitrogen flew out of their mouths and into the air.

  12. There was a big lightning storm and the dying world came back to life. Bekkeh then locked up Bernard Breath, Benech, and Chum Chum and she never saw them again. In the end, Bekkeh had a nitrogen party and she lived happily ever after!