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  1. Links Flight By Jacob Whatley About the Author PlanesHelicopters Army Planes Jets

  2. About the Author HI, my name is Jacob Whatley and I am 10 years old and this powerpoint was created by me. I had a lot of fun creating this powerpoint and I think you should create one too. Want to go to the home page, Click the home button. Home

  3. Planes When Wilbur and Orville Wright mastered the secret of flight, they did not try to imitate the flight of birds but they built a machine for flying. That is exactly what an airplane is, a flying machine. An airplane is heavier than air and yet it flies. It does this by propelling itself through the air and by supporting itself on wings so shaped that the air flowing over them gives them lift. Want to go to the home page click the red smoke.

  4. Helicopters The helicopter is one member of the versatile family of airplanes known as vertical takeoff and landing craft (VTOL). In addition to being able to take off and land in a small area without having to use a runway, it can hover in midair and fly forward, backward, or sideways. Want to go home, click the red, white and blue helicopter.

  5. Army Airplane The airplanes have been used in the army and other military forces for over 100 years. Want to go home click the American flag plane.

  6. Jets Today jet fighters fly through the stratosphere more swiftly than sound. Jet airliners fly higher, faster, and farther than ever before.  Jet propulsion speeds missiles to their targets. In addition, rockets boost Earth satellites into orbit. Want to go home click the Jet.