pancheshwar multipurpose project n.
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Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project

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Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project

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Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project

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  1. Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project Pancheshwar Development Authority (PDA) • In pursuant to Article 10 of Mahakali Treaty, Indo Nepal Pancheshwar Development Authority (PDA) for implementation of Pancheshwar Multipurpose project has been set up. Two meetings of its Governing Body have been held • 1st meeting held on 22nd-23rd September 2014 at Kathmandu and 2nd on 18-19 November 2014 at New Delhi

  2. Decisions taken in the 1st meeting (22-23 September 2014) 1. Signed Statute of PDA. 2. For starting works, PDA to have a corpus fund of IRs.20.00 crore with both India and Nepal contributing IRs.10.00 crore each. Necessary provision kept in budget. 3. Agreed distribution of Personnel:

  3. contd. Progress:Nominations for the posts of ACEO and ED(Tech.) finalised. And, For ED(Finance) and ED (R&R), the proposal is Administration wing 4. M/S WAPCOS Limited to carry out assessment of the preliminary works one preparation of DPR/ feasibility report carried out in 2002 and make recommendations in one month for additional investigations/ surveys/ studies that may be required to finalise the DPR Progress: Assessment report submitted by WAPCOS

  4. Decisions taken in 2nd meeting of PDA(18-19 November 2014) 1. Sharing of Nominations for the posts allocated, selection criteria and their proposed allowance. Progress: approved nominations for the posts of ACEO and ED(Tech.) have been shared with Nepal entitlements of Pay & Perks to Indian Personnel to be posted to PDA are to be finalised by Indian side in consultation with MEA, the proposal is put for approval. • Agreed to award work of preparation of DPR of the Pancheshwar Project to WAPCOS for which TORs to be finalised incorporating views of the Nepal on the Assessment Report of WAPCOS Progress:TORs for award of work of DPR preparation and CEIA study approved by Co-Chairman of PDA (Indian side) have been concurred by Nepalese side. The work has been awarded to WAPCOS.

  5. Funding pattern • A Team of Experts headed by Addl. Secretary for deciding funding pattern of Pancheshwar Project has been constituted in a period of four weeks. The first meeting of the Team has been held. The next is scheduled for 30.03.2015. Points Needing Attention • Nepalese side’s involvement in DPR is of utmost importance and, therefore, the same has to be ensured, otherwise, they may back out from accepting the final DPR stating its being Indian. (Awkward situation)

  6. Contd/- • Since the work of DPR preparation and CEIA study has been awarded, its supervision is essentially required by PDA, as per the TORs. In the absence of nominations from Nepalese side, giving additional charge of the nominated posts to the Indian nominated officers in concurrence with Nepal to supervise the work appears to be good option for involving PDA, at least Indian Side. • Nepalese side’s priority is for finalisation of Pay & Perks of Nepalese Personnel in PDA. To undertake this exercise, they require entitlements of Indian Personnel and therefore, we need to share the same expeditiously. • Sharing of entitlements of pay & perks for Indian personnel will help Nepalese side to finalise their nominations and involvement in DPR, early.