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Teaching History to Language Learners

My books- Learning to Go https://gumroad.com/l/learn2go & The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers http://amazon.com/The-Goals-Challenge-Teachers-Transform/dp/0415735343 <br>Resources at http://shellyterrell.com/clil

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Teaching History to Language Learners

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  1. CLIL: Blend Language Learning with History ShellyTerrell.com/CLIL

  2. “The land flourished because it was fed from so many sources -because it was nourished by so many cultures and traditions and peoples.” - Lyndon B. Johnson ShellyTerrell.com/CDT

  3. Content and Language Integrated Learning

  4. Visual & Interactive Graphic Organizers Visual Aids TPR Realia Foldables Multimedia Hands-on Flash Cards Videos Demonstrations Pairwork/Group Work Games Storytelling Interviews PBL Role-Plays Debates Authentic Materials Questioning Techniques Diagrams Labeling

  5. Engaging with primary resources!

  6. Docsteach.org

  7. Scholastic.com/dearamerica

  8. Scholastic.com/dearamerica

  9. PrimaryAccess.Org

  10. Pinterest.com/LibraryCongress

  11. Play games! ShellyTerrell.com/games Photo by Kelly Hunter, Flic.kr/p/ai2U2f

  12. Brainpop.com/games

  13. icivics.org

  14. Playinghistory.org

  15. Minecraft ShellyTerrell.com/games Photo by Kevin Jarrett, Flic.kr/p/dT7Lht

  16. Education.minecraft.net

  17. Timelines Timetoast Timeglider Tiki-Toki Timerime Dipity Hstry ShellyTerrell.com/timelines

  18. Timerime.com

  19. Timetoast.com

  20. Virtual Fieldtrips Google Lit Trips Google Cardboard Google Cultural Trips Google Earth World Wonders Project ShellyTerrell.com/fieldtrips

  21. HistoryView.Org

  22. HistoryPin.org

  23. Smithsonian, Si.edu/Kids

  24. Smithsonian, Si.edu/Educators

  25. Latino.si.edu/LVM

  26. Smithsonian App, si.edu/apps/smithsonianmobile

  27. Education.microsoft.com/skype-in-the-classroomoverview

  28. More Cool Resources!

  29. Activehistory.co.uk

  30. Classtools.net/FB/home-page

  31. Voki.com/presenter

  32. ToonDoo.com

  33. Puppet Pals HD iPad & Pocket iOS

  34. Plotagon.com

  35. Youtube.com/user/historyteachers

  36. Pearltrees.com/shellyterrell/history/id8109851#l971

  37. Gum.co/learn2go/ 30Goals.com ShellyTerrell.com/CLIL @ShellTerrell Facebook.com/ShellyTerrell

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