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  1. Unit12 What’s the best radio station? Zhu Yunyi

  2. comfortable • seat • screen • close • close to • quality • theater • cinema • jeans • trendy

  3. funky • radio • radio station • FM • AM • teen • bargain • delight • by bus • positive

  4. negative • dull • performer • success • without • province • still • enough • distance • farthest

  5. fat  thin thin

  6. tall tall short 

  7. small small big 

  8. The girl is flying high. The bird is flying higher than the girl. The airline pilot is flying highest of the three. T

  9. 1a Which is more important? • comfortable seats舒适的座位 • new movie新电影 • big screen大屏幕 • close to home离家近 • friendly service友好的服务 • in a fun part of town城区最佳位置 • cheap • popular

  10. Town Cinema Screen City Movie Palace

  11. Boy1: Do you want to go the movies? Girl: Sure. Boy2: I’ll go , too. Boy1: OK, great. What’s the best movie theatre to go to? Boy2: Town Cinema. It’s the closest to home. Girl: Yes, but they don’t have the new movies there. Boy2: Maybe not, but it’s the cheapest.

  12. Boy1: I think Movie Theatre has the most comfortable seats. • Girl: I like the Screen City because it has the biggest screens. • Boy1: It’s the most popular cinema, too. • Boy2: That means it’s crowded. • Boy1:Well, Town Cinema isn’t crowded, it has the friendliest service. • Girl: It's also in a fun part of town.

  13. Girl: It’s also in the most fun part • of town. • Boy1: Let’s look at the movie times in the newspaper and then decide. • Girl: OK with me. • Boy2: Me, too.

  14. Exercise 1.Lily gets up (early) than Lucy. 2.Which goes (slowly),Tom or Jim? 3.This book is (interesting) than than one. 4.She works (careful) in her school. 5.Who goes to bed (late) Jim, Tom or Jack? 6.I think turkey is (delicious) of all earlier more slowly more interesting the most carefully the latest the most delicious

  15. Green City Survey • 1.What’s the best clothing store? A. Jeans Corner C .Trendy Teens B .Jason’s D. Funky Fashions 2.What’s the best radio station? • Easy listening 97.9FM C. All Talk 970AM • Oldies 102.1FM D. Jazz 107.9 FM

  16. Reporter: Hi, I’m doing a survey for the Green City Daily News. What's the best clothing store in town? • Boy: I think Jason is the best. • Reporter: Why? • Boy: Jeans Corner and Trendy Teens are good stores, but Jason’s has good quality • clothes. It's also cheaper than the other stores. • Reporter: What do you like about the other stores?

  17. Boy: Well, let me see. Trendy Teens is in a fun part of town, but it’s expensive. Don’t go to Funky Fashion. It has the worst clothes in town. • Reporter: What about the radio stations in Green City? • Boy: I guess Jazz 107.9FM is the best. • Reporter: Why? • Boy: Because it has the most interesting music. • Reporter: What about the other radio stations?

  18. Boy: I think Oldies 102.1FM is pretty bad. It has the worst music. • Reporter: I heard that Easy Listening97.9FM is the most popular. • Boy: Not for me. • Reporter: Why not? • Boy: Just listen to their commercials. They are • worse than the commercials of All Talk 970AM.

  19. I think Teen World has the best service. I think Bargain House has the worst quality.

  20. 规则变化 比较级 原级 构成法 taller, shorter tall, short 一般单音节词末尾加-er nicer, larger, abler nice, large, able 以不发音的-e结尾的单音节词和少数以-le结尾的双音节词只加-r bigger, thinner, fatter big, thin, fat 以一个辅音字母结尾的闭音节单音节词,双写结尾的辅音字母,再加-er easier, earlier easy, early "以辅音字母+y"结尾的双音节词, yi,再加 -er cleverer, narrower clever, narrow 少数以-er,-ow结尾的双音节词未尾加-er more popular, more beautiful, more difficult popular, beautiful, difficult 其他双音节词和多音节词,在前面加more来构成比较级。

  21. Eliza Vera Steve Dennis The math teachers

  22. Vera Steve Dennis the math teachers Eliza

  23. 2b

  24. 2b

  25. 2b

  26. 2b

  27. 2b

  28. A: Wasn't that a great talent show? • B: Yeah? • A: Who did you think was the best act? • B: Oh, I thought Eliza was the best. She’s an excellent piano player. • A: Yeah, she was great. And I thought Steve and his dog was the funniest. • B: Me, too! I couldn’t stop laughing! And how about Vera? Wasn’t she creative? • A: Yeah, I’d say she was the most creative act ! I don’t know many people who can play the guitar upside down!

  29. B: Who do you think was the worst? • A: Oh, Dennis! He was terrible! He can’t juggle at all. • B: I know. • A: What did you think of the math teachers? • B: Well, they were definitely the loudest!

  30. Last week’s talent show was a great success. There ____fifteen acts. Eliza Clark won the prize for the ___performer. She played a beautiful piano piece. Hu Yue was the ___performer. He danced without music. The prize for the ____act went to Steve Tian and his dog, Fido. They ____a cute song together.

  31. Last week’s talent show was a great success. There were fifteen acts. Eliza Clark won the prize for the best performer. She played a beautiful piano piece. Hu Yue was the quietest performer. He danced without music. The prize for the funniest act went to Steve Tian and his dog, Fido. They sanga cute song together.

  32. Group work

  33. learn did a survey • 1.What did you________in school today? • 2.We________what movies students like • watching. • 3.It was interesting to hear what the class _________action movies. • 4. Boys like action movies but girls don’t often _____to see them. • 5.Can you ____? We need some more actors for the talent show. thought about go dance

  34. Sanya is in Hainan Province. It's still warm in winter. It's about 15˚C in the afternoon.Sanya • has beautiful beaches. The price of a hotel room is about 320 yuan a night.

  35. Harbin is in the north of China. It's cold in winter, sometimes -30ºc. Tourists need to wear warm clothes. There is an Ice and Snow Festival in winter. A hotel room is about 230 yuan a night.

  36. Beiging is not very cold in the winter. It’s doesn’t often rain or snow .Hotel usually cut their prices in winter. About 200 yuan a night is enough.