celebrate our summer camp openning n.
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Celebrate our summer camp openning PowerPoint Presentation
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Celebrate our summer camp openning

Celebrate our summer camp openning

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Celebrate our summer camp openning

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  1. Celebrate our summer camp openning Prof. Meiqi Fang School of Information Renmin University of China

  2. Openning Ladies and Gentleman! I am here to announce our summer camp of eBEREA, the e-Business Education and Research for Europe and Asia, formally begin now!

  3. EBusiness Electronic Business is one of the important development point of modern economics and society. Electronic Business is the most active area of economic management and social science where theory and practice combined tightly, as well it is the field where young scholars could grow fast and play their talent widely.

  4. Goal To face the reality, stimulate innovation in line with the spirit of science and exploration, and to provide a platform for the young scholars, including junior faculties and Ph.D students, to widen your horizon, inspire thinking, make friends, and provide reference and help for your research.

  5. 3 key words innovation knowledge thanks

  6. Innovation

  7. Most of innovative ideas were initiated by youth, and some were originated from summer camp.

  8. John Nash Nobel economic prize winner John Nash said: "The idea leading to this study originated some time ago when I talked at a gathering of high school graduates at a summer science camp"

  9. His Nobel economic prize research game problem fram summer camp This is the first sentence on his speech at Beijing in 2005. The title of his talk is "A Study of 3-Person Games in Terms of Evolved Cooperation Using the Agencies Method for Modeling the Coalescence Processes“. By "this study" he implied that his Nobel economic prize winning idea in the game theoretic problem came from a summer camp!

  10. Here I hope our summer camp can stimulate, inspire some interesting new ideas, and bring some bright innovation in the future!

  11. Concrete goal of our summer camp is on web of eBEREA A proceeding contains 15-25 research proposals/papers, each participant will submit one or more research proposals or papers at the end of the camp. 2-3 letters of Intentare expected for grant proposal intentions

  12. Knowledge

  13. Learning Brain-storming new ideas will bring innovations based on our knowledge. Learning new knowledge is an important goal of our camp.

  14. Courses Regulatory approaches Text mining and sentiment analysis Academic research paper development System science … …

  15. Field tours Finland is a very beautiful country, Finland has good economic and society system, Finland has full development in economic, science and engineering, most professors and students are the first time to visit Finland, so we also arrange some field tours to let you experience the outstanding beauty of Finland, the success on economic, science and engineering.

  16. Most cutting-edge developments on E-business. From lectures, case studies, and field tours, our Professors will introduce new trends, and demonstrated us most cutting-edge developments on E-business.

  17. Innovation based knowledge and wisdow Without basic research knowledge and research training, we cannot make any real innovation. Of course if no smart and sharp view, we cannot fetch the most up-to-date develop trends too.

  18. How to master real knowledge and have the sharp views The theory and the practice should support each other Inheritance and innovation should be combined tightly Thinking and communication are both very useful.

  19. Thanks!

  20. Finally I should say thanks to all of the people who worked hard to prepare our summer camp and made our summer camp a reality. Without their hard work, there will be no our camp. We highly appreciate their great efforts!

  21. Great thanks for: Prof. Jups, Prof. Juha, Prof. Matti, Prof. Zhangxi Lin, Prof. Marko Nieminen, Dr, Marikka, prof. Qi Li, Prof. Yu Chen, Tina Zhong, and many others!

  22. They made eBEREA, IRSES be succesful reality. They invested their precious time to our IRSES project. The project is very good samples of innovation, it is a successful project supporting all of our activities, including our summer camp.

  23. Where the original idea come from? Last August when we were in Xian eBEREA meeting, original idea of summer camp came from Zhangxi's proposal. Matti, Jups and Marikka supported this idea, promised to arrange the courses, places and accommodations.

  24. Manyprofessors Then many professors worked together, step by step, gradually we have a good shape of summer camp.

  25. Tina is a brige Since Feb. of this year, Dr. Marikka worked on preparing many invitation letters for many Chinese professors and students, so many Chinese names and complesity situation made the work quite difficult, ZhangXi smartly assigned Tina to join the work, Tina works hard, she as a bridge coordinates between China and Finland, and she did a very good job!

  26. Prof. Juha does hard job Prof. Juha did most hard work, arranged accommodations and the places of summer camp, finally over 60 Chinese have comfortable places to live and have meeting.

  27. Dr. Marikka take care of our budget! Dr. Marikka also did a lot of complex jobs, arranged invitation letters and the most important thing, our budget!

  28. Coordination Thanks to Prof. Hong Jiao Fu, Prof. Xianfeng Zhang and Ling Liu for the time-consuming coordination.

  29. Enjoy advanced science ideas exchange Now we are in beautiful and hospitable Finland, enjoying green trees, grass, blue sky...Especially we are enjoying most advanced science ideas exchange event!

  30. a successful and exciting summer camp.! Thanks for all eBEREA member professors, based on the knowledge you offer, I believe we will inspire some bright innovation. Maybe some new Nobel prizes winners will emerge from us, because he/she takes part in this summer camp! Hope we have a successful and exciting summer camp!

  31. Many thanks for all of you,participats!