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KS2 English

KS2 English

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KS2 English

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  1. KS2 English What will be tested?

  2. The Reading Paper • Independent reading (15 minutes) • Layout questions • Summary questions • Retrieval questions • Inference questions What can you do to help? Encourage your child to read – anything at all! Listen to them read whenever possible Ask them questions about what they are reading Visit BBC KS2 Bitesize for revision aids and questions.

  3. The Writing Papers • Long Writing 31 marks • (3 of which are given for handwriting) • Short Writing 12 marks • Spelling 7 marks

  4. Shorter Writing task Demonstrate they can reduce a topic down to its essential parts without losing impact. Must be well organised, interesting and imaginative. Must be concise. Longer Writing task Must organise and develop ideas to produce a coherent piece of writing. Must sustain the elements of the task throughout the entire piece of writing. Writing Test

  5. Writing papers • Non-fiction text types • Recount • Instruction • Report • Explanation • Persuasion • Discussion

  6. Fiction • Adventure • Fable • Fantasy • Playscript • Flashback • Historical • Diary • Horror • Interviews • Letters

  7. Writing Skills • Sentence Structure and Punctuation • Paragraphs and Organisation • Composition and effect – must be the set task What you can do to help Ask questions about different text types Practise ‘Talk for Writing’ techniques – encourage your child to tell you a story, based on real or imagined events. Visit BBC KS2 Bitesize revision site. Link to example

  8. Level 6 • This year, there is also a Level 6 Paper, which your child may be entered for – it is not compulsory, the decision to enter a child will be made by the end of the Spring Term. • The Level 6 paper will assess both Reading and Writing.

  9. Spelling • In context • 20 words • Regular patterns and rules • Worth a maximum 7 marks

  10. It was peacefulnow. All the peoplehad left the market. Stalls had been covered and the market traders had gone home to count the days takings. Philip and Rachel felt safe enoughto emerge from the shadows.Suddenly, a noise startled them. The sound of an engine roared and a bright red dustcart came to take away all the empty boxes and unsold fruit. Rachel grabbed a handful of strawberries without being seen. The dustcart roared again and disappearedover the cobbles, rattling as it passed through.“I’m frightened!” whispered Rachel.“We both are!” Philip agreed. “But we can’t give up now. We must keep moving.”“But where will we go, Philip? Where will we sleep?” She sucked her thumb anxiously.“I don’t know, Rachel,” he said warmly to his younger sister. “But we can’t stay here. Everything’s changed now.”Philip did not let on how serious the situation had become. Rachel was too young to understand, but he wasn’t about to let the two of them get separated. Their mother wasn’t guiltyof being a spy; no matter what anyone said, and they would find the evidence to prove her innocence, even if they had to walk to the ends of the earth.

  11. English Papers 2012 • Monday 14th May – Reading Paper • Tuesday 15th May – Short Writing and Spelling - Long Writing • Monday 21st May – Level 6 Papers

  12. Read like a writerWrite like a readerENJOY & BE PROUD

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