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william wedding hat show PowerPoint Presentation
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william wedding hat show

william wedding hat show

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william wedding hat show

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  1. Beckham and the Spice Girls were the couple selected the design by Philip Treacy hat. British Deputy Prime Minister, his wife Miriam Gonzalez Durantez water, stunning red peony form.

  2. British king's hat decorated with roses and yellow suits are designed her personal assistant. Mathilde for her lightning blue suit with the hat also comes from Philip Treacy.

  3. Cousin Prince William, Zara Phillips wore a black mesh hat Philip Treacy Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece rose hat also from the hands of Philip Treacy.

  4. British singer Joss Stone to her red suit with a complicated shape of a wide brimmed hat beige. Tala Palmer wore a blue Philip Treacyunique boat-shaped cap, decorated with blue, long leather gloves and clutch.

  5. Princess Beatrice  Princess dressed in Valentino nude color coat, wearing a cap like a sculpture of the same color. Prince Charles's sister   Prince Charles's sister, accompanied by purple flower print skirt suit cap.

  6. Princess Letizia of Spain famous civilian human really is the fashion, her dress cinnamon to their chosen a retro style hat with a veil of money, look elegant and chic. Old Queen's younger brother, Prince Michael of Kent's wife, Princess of Kent to the blue skirt suit with their own water.

  7. British Conservative MP John Bercow's wife, Sally Bercow guinea fowl feather headdress very chic. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborn's wife, Frances Osborne was great sense of style feathered headdress for her minimalist style, painted gray skirt the finishing touch.

  8. Charm hat • British tradition to attend the major events have to wear a hat lady, the wedding such as Prince "premium" of the occasion is most important. Look! Prince William's wedding scene as if into a "hat Fair"