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ZERONA® Body Slimming Proper Use Training PowerPoint Presentation
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ZERONA® Body Slimming Proper Use Training

ZERONA® Body Slimming Proper Use Training

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ZERONA® Body Slimming Proper Use Training

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  1. ZERONA® Body Slimming Proper Use Training

  2. Agenda – Understanding ZERONA • What Is ZERONA? – patented technology, how does it work and what does it promise? • Who is the ZERONA patient? • Patient Protocol and Compliance • Contraindications • Hands On Demo – Proper Use and Precise Measurements • Housekeeping – SBMI Client Services, Physician Portal and Bonus Clicks

  3. Erchonia Patented Technology • The Facts • Specifications for you to know: • Configuration 5-3b Line Generated Laser Diode Modules • Wavelength: 635 nm • Modulation Constant Wave (CW): 1000 Hz • Programming: 4 Time Saving Preset, Safe Programs • Power Source: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz Knowledge leads to confidence…

  4. How does ZERONA® Work? • Laser emulsifies adipose tissue. • Safe collapse of the rigid adipose cell and the secretion of triglycerides and fatty acid from the cell. Complete collapse of adipose cell-emulsion Healthy adipose cells Fat droplets seeping across adipose cell membrane Knowledge leads to confidence…

  5. How does ZERONA® Work? • How Triglycerides and Fatty Acids Escape • Images show formation of a transitory pore forming in the bi-lipid membrane of an adipose cell. • Pore is direct result of safe, low-level laser stimulation • Triglycerides and fatty acids able to move into the interstitial space. • Pore allows the fatty content to safely evacuate the cell. Knowledge leads to confidence…

  6. Supported by Clinical Research and Actual Results Average Slimming effects of theZERONA®. Average Loss (inches) Waist: 1.4 Hips: 1.2 Thighs: 1.7 TOTAL: 4.3 Knees: 1.1 Neck: 0.4 Upper Arms: 1.0 Bra-line: 1.0 TOTAL: 3.5 Knowledge leads to confidence…

  7. ZERONA Promise Remove Fat, Reduce Inches • Slim stubborn fat from: • Tummy • Back • Hips • Thighs • Buttocks • Love Handles • Chin and Neck • Arms ZERO Pain. ZERO Surgery. ZERO Downtime.

  8. What is ZERONA? Q&A

  9. Who is the ZERONA® Patient? • Anyone who wants to slim down. Virtually Everyone! • No known side effects • Patients safely treated from 18 to 80s • Patients with all skin types • Patients who are male or female • Patients with certain medical conditions should not be treated • Patients who commit to compliance • Patients who commit to compliance and want to “kick start” slimming down or lose the last few inches, are the best candidates

  10. The ZERONA® Patient • Contraindications • Cancer active or within 1 year of remission • Cardiovascular Disease • Disease of the Lymphatic System • Kidney Disease or Liver Disease • Pacemaker • Pregnant or Breast Feeding • Regularly taking anti-inflammatory medication

  11. The ZERONA® Patient • Other Criteria to Ensure Positive Results • Only stable patients with basal metabolic disorders (i.e. hyperthyroid or hypothyroid) • ZERONA is less effective during menstruation and wait one week after before treatments. • Liposuction patients will have varied results…fat cells previously removed. • Patients with visceral vs subcutaneous fat – visceral fat can not be treated • Patients with BMI’s (body mass index) over 35

  12. Optimizing ZERONA® • ZERONA® Two Week Treatment Protocol • Prepare lymphatic and circulatory systems one week before series • Six 40 minutes treatments • Every other day for two weeks imperative for best results • 20 minutes anterior and 20 minutes posterior • Patient compliance is essential

  13. CURVA™ Supplement • Proprietary blend of ingredients designed to assist the body in removing and eliminating fat during ZERONA treatments. • Works to ensure the lymphatic, circulatory systems and liver are functioning at optimal levels • Key ingredients are: • Niacin • Gingko biloba • L-carnitine • Blend of oils (sesame, ultra pure fish oil, omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids • For best results: • Begin CURVA supplements one week before treatment • Continue taking CURVA throughout the two week treatment series, and for one week following treatments

  14. Patient Selection Q&A

  15. Optimizing ZERONA® • Precise Measurement • Are you using the ZERONA measuring tape included with your device? • Is same person measuring the patient each time? • Are you recording in patient progress notes precisely? • Prior to first treatment • After 6th treatment • 1 week after 6th treatment

  16. Taking Before and After Pictures Best Practices for taking great pictures! • make sure you use the same background – preferably a blue backdrop • have adequate and consistent lighting • place tape on the ground where the patient and the photographer stand, to ensure the distance from the camera does not change • have the patient stand with their feet shoulder width apart • suggest the patient wear the same undergarments or swimsuit at both before and after pictures • take 3 views: • Front – with arms to the sides • Side – with arms straight ahead • Back – with arms to the sides Take pictures before the first treatment and after the last. Remember to have a Media Release form signed

  17. Optimizing ZERONA® • Proper Placement of the Diode • Do you know exact placement of the diodes for each treatment area? • no more than 12 inches from treatment area • use the center diode as placement guide, slightly below the navel • check for areas of greatest accumulation of fat, adjust laser arms over the target treatment areas • adjacent laser linear beams must overlap • laser heads must be parallel to skin

  18. Precise Measurement and Proper Placement Q&A

  19. Patient Forms Handout & Review Patient Informed Consentor practice specific consent • ZERONA® Low Level Laser Therapy Consent Form • Program and Background • Procedure • Risks/Discomfort • Benefits • Alternatives • Questions • Consent • Patient Procedure Guide • Media Consent Form • Patient Copy of Measurement Form

  20. Congratulations You’re on the road to success!