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ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure

We have Ayurvedic herbs for kidney failure problems. These hrebs are very helpful in your kidney problems. Please reach us for more info<br>

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ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure

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  1. Ayurvedic Herbs For Kidney Failure Problems

  2. What is CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease)? • When the ability of the kidney to function slowly decreases for several years, it is called Chronic Kidney Disease. • The last stage of this disease is permanent kidney failure. The disease is also known by other names too such as Renal Failure. • Until this disease does not spread well in the body, no one knows about this disease or its symptoms. • Chronic Kidney Disease is a slow-growing disease. Even if one kidney stops working, the other kidney can work normally.

  3. Reasons For Kidney Disorder: • Uncontrolled or high blood pressure puts pressure on the blood vessels in the kidneys. This is one of the primary reasons for chronic kidney trouble. • Kidney Malformations can happen much before the child is born or at birth. These developmental defects do not let the kidney perform its best and can lead to chronic kidney disease. • Sometimes the kidneys have the formation of growths or cysts that can disturb its natural functioning.Polycystic kidney disease is genetic and can leave the kidneys damaged in the long run if left untreated.

  4. Signs of Chronic Kidney Disorder: • Swollen face, hands, and feet: Chronic kidney conditions often show up as swelling in extremities and face. • Loss of hunger: People with chronic kidney problems lose their desire to eat. They feel bloated and full. • Exhaustion and tiredness: Kidneys help in the production of red blood cells. If these RBCs reduce in quantity, it leads to anemia related fatigue. • Nausea and vomiting: Many chronic kidney patients end up nauseous and vomit out excess waste.

  5. Ayurveda For Kidney Diseases • Punarnavadi:This herb contributes to the formation of red blood cells and purification of blood. This herb regulates, prevents, and fights out among other diseases. • Gokshur: This herb is prepared mainly to remove renal infection, stress levels, and cure kidney diseases. • Kasni (CichoriumIntybus): Different kinds of kidney disorders can be treated with this Ayurvedic Kasni Herb.

  6. Ayurveda For Urinary Tract Infection • MutrakrichantakChurna: • It is a mixture of various ayurvedic herbs helpful to treat urinary tract infections. • Varun: • It has antimicrobial properties that help to reduce painful urination in the urinary tract infection. • Yoga and Pranayama: • Yoga, pranayama target the kidney and abdominal area of the body and make it healthy.

  7. How To Maintain Kidney Diseases Health • Control The Intake of Sodium and Salt: Excess use of salt increases the load on the kidney and causes health problems like hypertension and kidney disorders. • Monitor Blood Pressure: High blood pressure causes heart attack and kidney disorders. • Overusing Painkillers: Taking too many pain relievers or medications could lead to kidney damage and generally should be avoided if you have kidney disease.

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