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Integrated Security Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrated Security Systems

Integrated Security Systems

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Integrated Security Systems

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  1. Integrated Security Systems 43, Grabtsevskoye HWY, Kaluga, Russia, 248009 Phone/fax: +7 4842 58-07-07

  2. Company profile JSC ALGONT established in 1989 Since its formation, the company has been running a successful business in the area of engineering, production and deployment of intelligent security systems ensuring comprehensive security of facilities of any level of sophistication and responsibility. The company’s strong team of qualified professionals pursues to continuously upgrade security technologies and bring on the best practices along with conducting research and development work.

  3. Our primary areas of business are: • develop software and design of automated security solutions, including integrated physical security systems; • hardware engineering and technologies for security systems (intelligent electronic devices, access control & security barriers an more; • project engineering of integrated security systems, from front-end to detail design; • manufacturing of equipment at own production facilities.

  4. АSSаD-М5 Security and Life Safety Hardware Automatic Control System Chief functions: • monitoring, diagnostics and control of security and life safety facilities; automatic reporting to control rooms; • ensure effective integration of security installations and life safetysystems; • data storage & protection, control of access to information about security and life safety systems; protection of operator activities records.

  5. АSSаD-М5 General features: • offer cross-platform software working under any operating system; • information security solutions certified by Technology and Exports Control Federal Agency (FSTEC) for protection of data, including top secret ; • hot backup of critical hardware, including servers, control processors, network switches, LAN communication circuits, security and life safety communication lines; • can be used for any types of security and life safety systems; offer full support of new-type equipment within 1-2 months.

  6. AVTO-DOSMOTR Automated Vehicle Underbody Inspection System A computer vision based technology used in the following applications: • recognition of vehicle registration plate; • underbody scanning and converting to high resolution image file; • automatic checking of underbody against master image to detect extraneous items of minimum size 25 by 25 mm; • allow for detailed scrutiny of underbody image on the monitor; • maintaining database of photos classified by date/time of inspection/license plate; • search and retrieval of photos from database for inspection.


  8. АSSаD-ID Automated Biometric Identification System • General features: • high capacity of recognition; • verification and identification functions – all in one device; • easy-to-use and upgrade product; • high reliability and fail safety; • possible integration with any access control system; • digital video registration plus recognition – all in one device. Contact free, distributed and fail safe facial recognition system

  9. АSSаD-P Perimeter Defense System • Advantages: • protection of up to 64 km of flank-type perimeter or 32 km of circular-type perimeter; • potential of cascading defense applications to provide practically unlimited perimeter defense; • guaranteed maximum time of signal delivery – 0.5 seconds; • fully serviceable not only at single break, but also at single short circuit in communication line; • operational at temperatures from -50 to +85 0С; no heating; • 100 percent hot backup; • allows for protected access to the system from external automatic work stations via web-browser. Is designed to ensure protection of extended perimeters

  10. АSSаD-Reglament Automated system for maintenance accounting and control Is designed for registration of routine visits of check points by maintenance personnel in places designated for daily rounds on schedule. Areas of use: wherever regular checks on critical equipment are needed (power plants, nuclear stations, machines, railroad, infrastructure, etc.)

  11. ALGO-321В Mantrap • Complete isolation of exit. • Automatic and manual (in emergency) options. • Control of access permitting one person at a time. • Blocking the intruder inside the mantrap. Identification of authorized personnel by means of the following applications: • Weighing on inbuilt scales; • Proximity card; • Individual pin code; • Biometrics (scanning the shape of palm); • Prevention of nuclear materials sneaking; • Video recognition.

  12. ALGO-213P Full Height Rotor Turnstile With Sluice Function and Weighing Platform • Used as a gate which allows one person to pass at a time or to restrict passage to authorized personnel only who use a proximity badge or PIN code. • One person at a time access controlled by in-built weighing mechanism. • Available inside the turnstile is a combination lock panel. Explosivesdetector is optional. • Biometric scanner is optional.

  13. Our customers We a re happy to see among our customers Ministry of Defense, Rosenergoatom and Rosatom nuclear power generation companies, Gasprom, Norolskiy Nickel, multiple industrial facilities and banks.

  14. ISO 9001:2008 Certified quality management JSC ALGONT has effective system of quality management in place properly certified to ISO 9001:2008 and complying with GOST РВ 15.002-2003.

  15. Made in Algont means guaranteed quality and failsafe operation At our facilities taking the total area of 7000 sq. meters we have state-of-the-art equipment operated by excellent professionals. Production phases and product acceptance are responsibility of our expert specialists of the Quality Management Team, plus the products for the Ministry of Defense are checked by special representatives of the customer. JSC ALGONT offers a full scope of production process, starting from early project survey, front-end engineering, vulnerability analysis, manufacturing of equipment, software development, shipping and assembling, system integration, startup and adjustment, personnel training warrantee and postproduction service along with free consulting for the product life of service.