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Scuba Diving Phuket | Learn Diving In Phuket PowerPoint Presentation
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Scuba Diving Phuket | Learn Diving In Phuket

Scuba Diving Phuket | Learn Diving In Phuket

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Scuba Diving Phuket | Learn Diving In Phuket

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  2. Our Service • Learn Diving In Phuket • Scuba Diving Phuket • Phuket Scuba Diving • Scuba Training Phuket • Padi Open Water Certification In Phuket • PadiDivemaster Course Phuket • Padi Rescue Diver Course Phuket

  3. Scuba Diving Could Be Your New Secret Workout, Learn How! The very thought of diving underwater to witness the colorful marine life excites us which is why many of us like to indulge in this sport and others who haven’t, dream to go scuba diving sometime in their life. However, apart from the exceptional fun one can have in this sport, scuba diving can shower bucketful of benefits to your body and could actually be your new secret fitness weapon!

  4. Learn Diving In Phuket Read this below and you will be convinced to learn diving in Phuket this season and witness how it can bless your body, mind and soul. Not convinced? Here is how!

  5. Strength And Flexibility Perhaps you know already how swimming benefits our body muscles by strengthening them inch by inch. It is one of the best modes of both aerobic and anaerobic workout. The water resistance and current stretches your body muscles and hence build strength, endurance as well as flexibility. So, ideally, the more time you spent underwater, the less time you need to spend at the gym.

  6. Scuba Diving Phuket Scuba diving for an hour can burn upto 500 calories, and in turn increase your metabolic rate for up to 18 hours post diving. Imagine that! The controlled nitrogen that builds up during diving is the reason your metabolic rate increases manifold to work it out of your system. So, you can hog on your favorite junk meal guilt free next time you are done diving. And those who are still dreaming of scuba diving Phuket islands are calling you to work out the fun way this time.

  7. Healthy Respiratory System When you go scuba diving, you are taught to take deep slow breaths in order to consume less and conserve more oxygen to last longer underwater. Breathing slowly protects and strengthens our lungs capacity promoting a healthy respiratory system which is also beneficial for those suffering from asthma.

  8. Reduces Stress Slow and deep breathing also reduces anxiety and relaxes your mind as you are more focused on witnessing the marine life rather than being clouded by stress inducing thoughts of everyday life. This in turn balances your nervous system and promotes positive thinking and get rid of depression making you mentally fitter. The same is told when you practised deep breathing during your yoga sessions.

  9. Get Plenty Of Vitamin D Sunlight is the primary source of absorbing vitamin D in your system. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in your body that strengthens your bones and builds up a healthy nervous system. Getting out for warm tropical adventures and soaking yourself in sunlight also reduces stress significantly and boost your overall mental and physical health. Dive travel means you will also meet fellow divers across countries with whom you can share your dive stories and have unlimited fun.

  10. Contact Information 161/51 moo 10, tambonChalong, AmphurMuangPhuket, Thailand Phone no:. +66(0) 91 719 0747 Tel no:. +1-702-490-4146 (USA) Skype:. gregg.aidikoff41 Email: