five best advices for safe scuba diving in phuket n.
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Five Best advices for safe scuba diving in Phuket! PowerPoint Presentation
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Five Best advices for safe scuba diving in Phuket!

Five Best advices for safe scuba diving in Phuket!

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Five Best advices for safe scuba diving in Phuket!

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  1. Five Best Advices For Safe Scuba Diving In Phuket! Scuba diving is great for us humans, but what about underwater living things? Is it great for them? Not always. It is not easy to admit it, but it is the truth; we as scuba divers have a great impact on the quality of the fauna and marine flora. That said, we have an even greater impact on the health of the earth, outside the water, and that also affects the oceans (water temperature for example ...). It is therefore important to be a good human on earth and to opt for a responsible attitude towards the environment. The same applies when you go to Thailand Scuba Diving with respect to the health of corals and their inhabitants. Here are 10 tips to optimize your diving habits in order to be a responsible diver. 1. Follow appropriate diving training (depending on type) When we go for Scuba Diving Phuket do not intentionally damage corals, but we do, and we often do not have adequate training. First of all, it is not uncommon to read some scuba diving blogs or diving forums of some aware divers who denounce the practices of “factory style divers” that some operators do all over the world. Indeed, this type of practice, where scuba divers are trained and launched in much over crowded groups, is definitely not recommended. Divers are thus less well trained, less educated and less monitored during their first bubbles and it is obvious that this does not favour a responsible attitude during the activity. It is therefore recommended to choose a diving club that prioritizes quality rather than quantity because there is much more chance that responsible techniques and attitudes are transmitted to you within such a framework. 2. Do not touch the coral ... Never! It is simple, the coral is not a memory to bring back, and you will have photos and videos normally to remember these beautiful moments spent under water! Although Scuba Diving Phuket might tempt you to bring back physical memories do not give in! The golden rules of responsible diving is that one does not touch and one does not tear away the coral. Indeed, the simple fact of touching the coral has sometimes serious consequences for the health of the reef. We, humans, can destroy or infect the coral and this can cause it to perish, and / or contaminate the surrounding coral. Moreover, even hard corals are at risk of being damaged by divers because, despite their "hard" appearance, they are often covered with a thin membrane that separates them from their environment and this intact membrane is essential for their good health.

  2. 3. Be in control of one’s movements This third point comes naturally following point controlling well one’s movements, one reduces enormously the risk of hanging the coral with our body and our equipment. Again, this reflects the importance of quality scuba training. There are many good diving clubs in Thailand Scuba Diving which you can make use of in case you need to refresh your techniques. 4. Be in control while floating Scuba diving on coral reefs is challenging in terms of being in control while floating. It is imperative to succeed in balancing one’s floating and to control one’s breathing in order to dive responsibly. It goes without saying that it is the responsibility of the diver to maintain a good physical condition in order to optimize his practice of scuba diving, which, let us recall, is an extreme sport. Good balancing skill while floating will prevent you from coming into contact with the reef and damaging it. 5. Wear appropriate and appropriate equipment Obviously, you should follow the recommendations of use of the diving equipment and make sure that it is stable on you and used in a safe way. It is essential to secure your equipment before diving, that nothing drags, exceeds or risks falling and affecting marine life and ruin your experience of Scuba Diving Phuket! 2. Indeed, by