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Electrical Engineering Department

TECHNION - ISRAEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. Software Systems Lab. Electrical Engineering Department. Persistent chat room. Authors: Hazanovitch Evgeny Hazanovitch Alex Instructor: Eddie Bortnikov . Project background.

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Electrical Engineering Department

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  1. TECHNION - ISRAEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Software Systems Lab Electrical Engineering Department Persistent chat room Authors: Hazanovitch Evgeny Hazanovitch Alex Instructor: Eddie Bortnikov

  2. Project background • Synchronous collaboration (Chat) - conversation in real time, history of messages is not recorded • Problem: User is not able to see messages that were sent since he was absent • Asynchronous collaboration (Forum) - the history of messages is recorded • Problem: Non real-time experience • Our goal: • Get the best of all worlds Now there are two types of multi-user collaboration:

  3. Goal • Create chat room application that records all messages in chat and gives users ability to see a history of the messages. • Develop a framework for automated software agents that will allow implementing more services for rich collaboration experience

  4. Problem and Solution • Solution: • Lets connect Software Agent • Software that runs on remote computer • Connects to chat like regular user • Receives and records chat messages Problem: In the middle of important conference One of users may want to leave So he will lose the important dialogue Network

  5. Project Deliverables • Automated Software Agents • Join the session as regular users • Can perform standard chat functions • Perform specific functions • Modular approach for developing rich services • Do not require extensions of existing software • Persistent Chat room Application • Uses a SW agent for recording & retrieving chat data

  6. Features enabled by the SW agents technology • Persistent chat • Games • Online translation • Photo sharing • Voice and Video conferencing • Censoring

  7. Persistent chat room What is Persistent chat room application? Persistent chat room application is a standard application for multi-user conferencing, with new feature. Standard features: • Instant messaging • Chat creation • Friends list managing New feature: • Messages recording

  8. Users • Administrator • Can block other users. • Chat host • Can be any user. • Can invite other users to chat. • Can kick users out of chat. • Can save history of chat messages. • User • Creates friends list. • Can send private messages. • Can enter any chat. • Can request chat messages history.

  9. Implementation • Server based groupware application. • Uses SIP (Session initiation protocol). • The protocol is used for: • Session initiation. • Sending short text messages. • Messages divided into different types (Chat message, Private message etc.) • Uses MySql database to store information.

  10. SW agent implementation • SW agent requires new message types to perform specific functions • In spite of that there is no need to extend server’s software • Message semantics are transparent to server • New messages will be handled by client application • So we may need to install plug-in on client application

  11. Recording tool as example of SW agent User’s request for chat history Message of new type must be forwarded to recipient. Message of new type must be forwarded to recipient. • “History” • New message type • Contains history block • Recipient is Evgeny The message will be handled by client application. • “View history” • New message type • Recipient is SW agent

  12. Recording tool implementation • Software Agent. • Invited to chat. • Receives and stores all the messages in chat. • Stores messages in blocks. • Uses MySql database. • Receives requests from users for chat history. • Current block is sent to every user when he enters chat. • Every user can request for other blocks • Chat host can archive current block.

  13. Future work • Voice and video conferencing • Recording of voice & video conferences That is a goal of our next project.....

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