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Let ’ s Debate! PowerPoint Presentation
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Let ’ s Debate!

Let ’ s Debate!

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Let ’ s Debate!

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  1. Let’s Debate! • Learning how to prepare and do well in a classroom debate.

  2. Objective • Debate an issue for the perspective of a historical figure • Recognize that the Civil War was about more than just slavery

  3. Debates! • What is a debate?

  4. Debate • A debate is where two sides with different opinions on an issue talk about why their view is right and the other view is wrong. • A debate is like an organized argument!

  5. Debates • Don’t get confused though! A debate is not...

  6. Debates • Debates have lots of rules to make sure people are respectful, the time spent is worthwhile, and it is a pleasant experience where people learn.

  7. Rules of a Debate • Each side presents their arguments while the other side is respectfully listening. • There is no name calling! • People do not shout at each other!

  8. So… what does it look like?American Revolution 5th Grade Debate

  9. Debate Format • Introduction • 90 seconds – Individual character speeches • 5 minutes – Team rebuttal • Conclusion

  10. Debate Preparation • Who thinks you can show up to a debate without doing research and preparing for the big day?! • NOOOOOO! • You must prepare!

  11. Debate Prep. Example • Topic: “Pizza is the best food on Earth!” • The debate is going to be about whether or not this is statement is true or not. • Let’s say that you are on the side that agrees with this statement. What do you think the first step would be to get ready for the big debate?

  12. Research! • You want to do some research on your topic. • Researching a topic gives you the tools that you need to do a better job than the other side in the debate. • What type of things could we research with regards to the pizza topic?

  13. Research! • How many pizzas are sold each year... • The awesome ingredients used on a pizza... • How many pizzas people eat daily... • Remember, you want to do research to make your topic look good!

  14. Gather Information • While you are researching, you can gather information. • You might want to categorize into different groups: • Positive information, and how it helps you, and • Negative information, how it hurts you, and arguments against that information.

  15. Debate Topic • Are you ready to see what we are going to debate next class?!? • Are you sure?

  16. Debate Topic • Get excited!

  17. Debate Topic! • Should the North and South become two separate countries?

  18. Meet the Characters THE NORTH – AKA THE UNION

  19. Abraham Lincoln – Woody/Grady • Believed that slavery was morally wrong, BUT was not an abolitionist because it was sanctioned by the highest law in the land: The Constitution • The 16th president whose election led to the secession of southern states

  20. Frederick Douglass – Sterling/Jordy • A former slave who devoted his life to the abolition of slavery and the fight for black rights.

  21. Harriet Tubman – Rebekah/Luci • An African American who helped hundreds of slaves escape to freedom via the Underground Railroad

  22. Harriet Beecher Stowe – Ellie N./Olivia • Author of an antislavery novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin

  23. General Ulysses S. Grant – Phillip/Deven • General of Union Army who strongly opposed secession

  24. William Lloyd Garrison – Tucker/Rachel Da. • Journalist and reformer who became famous for his denunciation of slavery

  25. Robert Smalls – Phinny/Lucas • African American who became a Union hero during the Civil War

  26. Ely Samuel Parker - Sam • First Native American to serve as United States Commissioner of Indian Affairs

  27. John Brown – Margot/Roger • Radical abolitionist whose attempt to free the slaves indirectly led to the Civil War

  28. Clara Barton – Lucia/Isabel • Founder of the American Red Cross during the Civil War


  30. Jefferson Davis – Marina/Chase • President of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War

  31. Chief Justice Roger Taney – Matthew/Jason • Served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court during the Dred Scott case.

  32. John CabellBreckinridge – Eloise/Grace • Vice President of the United States and, later, a Confederate General in the American Civil War.

  33. Edmund Ruffin – Sammi/Ethan • Noted Virginia plantation owner and a strong supporter of slavery.

  34. General Robert E. Lee – Leo/Keiley • General who commanded the Confederate Army in the Civil War

  35. John Calhoun – Dexter/Lauren • South Carolina political figure who spoke of secession.

  36. Rose Greenhow – Genevieve/Amzie • Lived in the North yet served as a Southern sky.

  37. Stand Watie – Binh/Max • Became the only Native American brigadier general in the Confederate Army.

  38. Mary Surrat – Nicole/Ellie R. • Mother and wife of Confederate soldiers. Later conspired in the assassination of President Lincoln.

  39. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson – Francesca/Jon • Famous Confederate general.

  40. Debate Topic • You will now be split up into two groups. • Remember, you don’t have to personally agree with the statement in order to debate on the side that agrees with the statement. • You are just trying to find information that helps your cause.

  41. Let’s Get Started! • Now it’s your turn to prepare! • 1) Research your character and get familiar with him or her. You should know: what they did (especially related to the Civil War), how they felt about slavery, how they felt about the South becoming its own country, what they looked like (so you can make your costume!), and how they acted (so you can get into character!) • 2) With your team, research your side and add your arguments to your debate preparation document. Next week I’ll be giving you some key themes to mention during the debate – you’ll need to divide these up with your team to make sure everything is covered BUT you don’t waste time repeating information! • 3) Pick someone to give the opening statement. • 4) Pick someone to give the concluding statement.

  42. Ready? • The graphic organizer has been shared with you on your Google Drive • To help you research, check out: • Your History Alive textbook • The books on the brown shelf by the window • The links on Ms. Z’s blog – go the the Civil War debates page

  43. Good luck… and have FUN!