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Promising Practices

Promising Practices

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Promising Practices

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  1. Promising Practices Designed for Learning @ LaGuardia

  2. An Abundance of Information Resources • Library of Congress • NASA • Nat’l Council of Teachers of Mathematics • Prof. Pat’s Nursing Resources

  3. Tools for Inquiry Learning “An interpretation of Latin American culture must be broad and pluralistic. The utilization of a variety of Web sources and the resulting multiplicity of viewpoints has enabled my students to achieve this goal.” Ana Maria Hernandez DFL 2002/3

  4. Encourage Critical Thinking “Students became more independent thinkers and doers. The students remembered what they had read and made reference to it throughout the course. The students feel better about themselves, as they’ve developed a stronger sense of identity as learners.” Marie Sacino, DFL 2000/1

  5. On-Line CommunicationLiteracy Building & Dialogic Learning “It was very rewarding to see even my most quiet students chatting away with the clicks of their keyboard….I am struck with how freely they write and the tremendous sense of community that has been fostered within the class.” Nurper Gokhan, DFL 2002/3 “Students learn the technology and in turn, with technology, they improve their vocabulary, ability to understand main ideas and analyze and present information.” Xiwu Feng, DFL 2001/2

  6. Multimedia, Student Authoring & Constructivist Classrooms “PowerPoint inspires students to show off their work, giving them confidence to present in front of their peers. They dedicate more time and energy to creating projects.” Liz Iannotti, DFL 2002-3 Presentation on Picasso I wanted my students to learn English and improve their communication skills. What I didn’t expect was how much it improved their attendance, too. Ericka Heppner, DFL 2004 “Teaching with ePortfolio brought home the link between learning, creating and doing. Applying what they learned in the classroom to the ePortfolio helped to inspire my students to learn more."Sonja Tanner, DFL 2003-4ePortfolio Samples

  7. Faculty Course Sites Structure Student Learning “The excitement I feel about incorporating technology into the curriculum has been contagious and invaluable. It stimulated and encouraged creativity, which I was able to pass on to my students. It gave me the opportunity to develop as a teacher by exposing me to the wealth of pedagogical tools found in educational technology.” Monica CourtneyDFL 2001/2

  8. Documentation and Evaluation Analysis of qualitative and quantitative data gathered by LaGuardia Office of Institutional Research and external evaluator, Dr. Lynn Gregory, reveals a range of positive outcomes, including: • Growth in faculty & student technology skills; • Increased engagement with course content; • Greater engagement with faculty and other students; • 20% reduction in course attrition rates.

  9. Community College Study of Student Engagement Integration of Online Resources Q. In your experiences in this course, how often have you used an electronic medium (listserv, chat group, Internet, etc.) to discuss or complete an assignment? Source: CCSSE (4=Very often; 3 = Often; 2 = Sometimes; 1=Never)

  10. Community College Study of Student Engagement Writing Clearly and Effectively Q. How much has your experience in this course contributed to your knowledge, skills, and personal development in writing clearly and effectively? Source: CCSSE (4=Very often; 3 = Often; 2 = Sometimes; 1=Never)

  11. Community College Study of Student Engagement Engage in Critical Thinking Processes Q. How much has your experience in this course contributed to your knowledge, skills, and personal development in thinking critically and analytically? Source: CCSSE (4=Very often; 3 = Often; 2 = Sometimes; 1=Never)

  12. A Community of Inquiry • There is no One Right Way. The possibilities are endless. • Good teaching is the key. Technology is just one tool among many. • Working together, we can figure things out.