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Manage and Grow your Business with SAP Business One PowerPoint Presentation
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Manage and Grow your Business with SAP Business One

Manage and Grow your Business with SAP Business One

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Manage and Grow your Business with SAP Business One

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  1. Manage and Grow your Business with SAP Business One Your small and midsized businesses have tremendous potential of growth. You have great ideas for your business and wish to respond promptly to the market demand. But there’s one point to ponder: Does your business solution support your growth or hampers it? You may be using multiple applications to run your business, which will be failing to deliver its unified view. They make business executives spend more time on operations, rather than providing strategic insights for better decision-making. They also sometimes lead to duplication of work and managing multiple locations and currencies difficult. This makes it essential for you to opt for a comprehensive and cost-efficient solution. SAP® Business One application has been designed to meet the growing needs of small and midsized businesses. It supports all the processes needed to run your operations, captures important information, stores critical business data and provides users, instant access, from anywhere and at anytime. It is a complete business solution that can help you to manage all your functions like accounting, sales, CRM, operations, service, inventory, warehousing and more. You get better visibility and control and can run your end-to-end business processes smoothly. It also makes integration with your other systems easier and provides extensive flexibility for future growth and innovation. It is offered as “on-premise”, “on- demand” and also as a mobile app to help you get real-time insights and stay ahead of your competitors. It is highly scalable and helps you to expand, as your business grows.

  2. Following are the functional capabilities of SAP Business One: Accounting and Financial Management You can streamline and automate financial management with SAP Business One, which integrates accounting, sales, and purchasing data. It will help you to improve margins, reduce errors, and make profitable decisions. Customer Relationship Management You can convert more prospects, keep your clients happy, and maximise business revenues. The integrated CRM tools support all of your sales, service, and marketing activities – from managing campaigns to tracking leads to administering after sales support. Warehouse and Production Management You can manage inventory across multiple warehouses in real-time and maintain cost-efficient production. SAP Business One will help you to track and record stock movements, optimise inventory levels, improve on-time delivery, and control stock-outs. Purchasing and Procurement SAP Business One helps to optimise your entire purchasing process – from planning and PO creation to vendor selection, invoicing, and payments. Reporting and Analytics Reporting and Analytics helps in creating updated reports easily. You get end-to-end visibility of your business and gain real-time insights for better and quicker decision-making. SAP Business One will thus help you to streamline your business processes, act on timely information and drive profitable growth! Sliver Touch Globally has been a partner of SAP for over 5 years and has implemented over 90 solutions in 15+ industry verticals. Our services include SAP Business One license procurement, installation, implementation, customisation, add-on development and training and support. To find out more about how SAP Business One can help your business, get in touch with our team by calling us on +44 – (0) 124-520-6182 or dropping us an e-mail on Original Source: