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Tour Operators’ Initiative (TOI) PowerPoint Presentation
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Tour Operators’ Initiative (TOI)

Tour Operators’ Initiative (TOI)

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Tour Operators’ Initiative (TOI)

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  1. Tour Operators’ Initiative (TOI) "We are committed to developing, operating and marketing tourism in a sustainable manner; that is, all forms of tourism which make a positive contribution to the natural and cultural environment, which generate benefits for the host communities, and which do not put at risk the future livelihood of local people"(Article 1.3 of the Statement of Commitment)

  2. Tourism’s role Tourism has an important role to play in: • Eradicating poverty • Advancing economic and social development • Contributing to the conservation of natural and cultural environments • Improving the quality of life for all peoples, as well as in promoting international understanding,peace and prosperity United Nations General Assembly (A/RES/56/212)

  3. Tour Operators’ role • Direct the flow of tourists • Influence the development of destinations • Influence the supply chain • Influence the well-being of destinations / local communities • Influence customers’ choices and behaviors

  4. Overview of Tour Operators’ links : On-line agency/ dynamic packaging Travel guides Accommodation Transport to/from destination Travel agency Ground operator Ground transport Tour Operator Consumer Marine and Water based recreation activities Destination Land based recreation activities Cultural and social events Cultural and natural heritage

  5. Tour Operators’ Initiative A network of committed tour operators TOI is an Association of tour operators that have committed to incorporate sustainability principles into their business operations and work together to promote and disseminate practices compatible with sustainable development TOI is open to all tour operators, regardless of their size and geographical location Structure TOI Members: tour operators TOI Supporting Members: UNWTO; UNEP; UNESCO TOI Cooperating Partners: WWF; The Code; Center for Environmental Leadership at Conservation International (CELB)

  6. Why sustainability? • To improve the quality of the tourism experience at the local level • To guarantee the quality of the product that TOs package for their clients • To safeguard destinations To safeguard the future of tourism business

  7. Key Areas of Action • Research and information exchange to explore and share ideas and practices on key environmental, socio-economic and cultural topics • Capacity building to assist members of the Initiative and other tour operators in putting into practice sustainable development and management principles through publications, workshops, conferences and training • Technical support for members of the Initiative to further their commitment to the sustainable development of tourism • Outreach to open direct dialogues with other tour operators and stakeholders • Communication to increase awareness on sustainability issues of key players in the tourism industry with the main aim of improving the quality of the tourism experience at the local level

  8. Tour Operators’ Initiative • Success factors: • Main industry leaders on board • Multi stakeholder participation • A common global voice • Bottom up approach

  9. Tour Operators’ Initiative Members • Sahara Tours International (Morocco) • Settemari (Italy) • Studiosus (Germany) • TLB Destinations (Lebanon) • Transat A.T. Inc. • Travel Walji’s (Pakistan) • TUI Travel PLC • VASCO Travel (Turkey) • Viaggi del Ventaglio (Italy) • Accor Tours (France) • Atlas Voyages (Morocco) • Aurinkomatkat-Suntours (Finland) • DiscoveryInitiatives (UK) • Dynamic Tours (Morocco) • FreeWay Brasil (Brazil) • Hotelplan (Switzerland) • KEL 12 (Italy) • Kuoni Travel Holding • REWE Touristik (Germany)

  10. Tour Operators’ Initiative (TOI) Secretariat c/o World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Capitán Haya 42 28020 Madrid - Spain Tel (34) 91 567 81 00 Tel (34) 91 567 81 33Fax (34) 91 571 37 33 With the support of