navy medicine operational training center n.
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  1. Mission Provide Operational Medicine and Aviation Survival Training Vision Recognized as the global leaders in operational medicine, innovative and responsive to the challenges of the warfighter NAVY MEDICINE OPERATIONAL TRAINING CENTER Leader in Operational Readiness Training and Support Over 24,000 personnel trained annually, the largest training throughput in Navy Medicine!

  2. CAPT Maria Majar Executive Officer CAPT Larry Garsha Commanding Officer HMCM (SW) Timothy Perkett Command Master Chief Leadership Triad


  4. - ASTC Whidbey Island, WA Naval Undersea Medical Institute (NUMI), Groton, CT NAVY MEDICINE OPERATIONAL TRAINING CENTER - ASTC Patuxent River, MD - ASTC Norfolk, VA - ASTC Lemoore, CA Naval Special Operations Medical Institute (NSOMI), Ft. Bragg, NC - ASTC Cherry Point, NC • Navy Trauma Training Center, Los Angeles, CA Naval Expeditionary Medical Training Institute (NEMTI), Camp Pendleton, CA - ASTC Miramar, CA Surface Warfare Medicine Institute (SWMI), San Diego, CA -Advanced Dental Assisting Program, NAVSTA -Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor School, Pt. Loma - ERC, Fort Rucker, AL COMMAND, NMOTC - ASTC Jacksonville, FL Human Performance, Brooks AFB, San Antonio, TX Detachment, Training Institutes • Training Sites: i.e., Aviation Survival Training • Center (ASTC) • NAVY MEDICINE OPERATIONAL TRAINING CENTER, • (NMOTC) PENSACOLA, FL • R. E. Mitchell Center for Repatriated Prisoners of War • Naval Aerospace Medical Institute (NAMI) • - Naval Survival Training Institute (NSTI) • - ASTC Pensacola NMOTC FACTS CNO Designated Warfare Center of Excellence • 67 Courses • 60 Facilities • 15 Locations • 24,000+ Students • 43,000+ Aeromedical Dispositions • 500+ Repatriated POW Evaluations • 100+ International Students • Air Force, Marine and Army Staff

  5. Commanding Officer CMC Director for Resources • Budget/Accounting • Travel • Supply/ Equipment Director for Admin - Info Technology • - HR & Admin • - Operations Mgt Director for Academics & Governance • Academics • Staff Education & Training • Plans, Analysis & Evaluation REMC - RPOW - Medical Library Naval Survival Training Institute (NSTI) DET Pensacola, FL ASTC Location - ASTC Pensacola, FL - ASTC Norfolk, VA - ASTC Pax River, MD - ASTC Cherry Point, NC - ASTC Jacksonville, FL - ASTC Lemoore, CA - ASTC Miramar, CA - ASTC Whidbey Is, WA Naval Expeditionary Medical Training Institute (NEMTI) DET Camp Pendleton, CA -NTTC LA County -Air Evac, FT Rucker Naval Special Operations Medical Institute (NSOMI) DET Ft Bragg, NC Naval Aerospace Medical Institute (NAMI) DET Pensacola, FL • -Wright Patterson AFB Naval Undersea Medical Institute (NUMI) DET Groton, CT Surface Warfare Medicine Institute (SWMI) DET San Diego, CA -NDACS Pt. Loma -ADAP NAVSTA Comptroller Executive Officer Special Assistants - Career Counselor - Safety Manager - Equal Opportunity - Legal Officer - Security Manager - Urinalysis Coordinator - PRT Leader - CIO - PAO - Health Promotions - Emergency Manager - Anti Terrorism Officer NAVY MEDICINE OPERATIONAL TRAINING CENTER


  7. Naval Survival Training Institute Purpose: To assist the joint warfighter in winning the fight by providing safe, effective, and relevant human performance and survival training. 8 CNO directed CONUS locations – Aviation Survival Training Centers (ASTCs) Naval Aviation Survival Training Program (NASTP): 21 different CNO approved curricula tailored to aircraft, mission, and associated flight equipment. COURSESLENGTH • Aircrew Refresher Training (Four year re-qualification interval) 2 days • Aircrew Initial NASTP Training (required prior to flight) 3- 5 days • Non-aircrew NASTP Training – e.g. selected passengers, VIPs 1- 2 days • Non Aircraft Specific Training – e.g. ‘helo dunker’; CFET; ROBD 1 day • Aerospace Physiology Technician Course (NEC 8409) 5 weeks • Naval Aviation Water Survival Instructor (NAWSTI- NEC 9504) 2 weeks • Aerospace Physiologist Internship Program 20 mos • 8409 Internship Program 12 mos • >22,000 STUDENTS ANNUALLY NAVY MEDICINE OPERATIONAL TRAINING CENTER

  8. Naval Aerospace Medical Institute Purpose:To support Navy and Marine Corps aviation units through expert aeromedical consultation, services development and application of aeromedical standards and training of aeromedical personnel for operational assignments. COURSESLENGTH 1. Naval Flight Surgeon 6 months 2. Naval Aerospace Physiologist 6 months 3. Naval Aerospace Experimental Psychologist 6 months 4. Naval Aerospace Optometrist (AQD) 6 months 5. Aerospace Medicine Technician (NEC 8406) 10 weeks 6. Aerospace Medicine Residency 24 months 7. Flight Surgeon Refresher Training 2 weeks 8. Medical Student Clerkship 2 - 6 weeks 240 STUDENTS ANNUALLY AEROMEDICAL DISPOSITIONS: Number of consultations annually: 15,000 Number of physicals annually: 6,000 PHYSICAL QUALIFICATIONS PROGRAM: Waiver physical exam applications processed : 12,500 Aviation Selection Test Battery : 9,000 NAVY MEDICINE OPERATIONAL TRAINING CENTER

  9. Naval Undersea Medical Institute Purpose: Provides training and technical support in Undersea Medicine and Radiation Health. COURSESLENGTH 1. Undersea Medical Officer Candidate Course 23 weeks 2. Radiation Health Officer Course 5 weeks 3. Sub Force Independent Duty Corpsman/HM-8402 58 weeks 4. Radiation Health Indoctrination Course 1 weeks 5. Radiation Health Technician/HM-8407 10 weeks 6. Independent Duty Corpsman Refresher Training 5 weeks 7. Surface to Submarine IDC Conversion Course 22 weeks 8. Emergency Medical Assistance Team Training 4 days 130 STUDENTS ANNUALLY NAVY MEDICINE OPERATIONAL TRAINING CENTER

  10. Surface Warfare Medicine Institute Purpose: Provides global medical support, training and consultation for Surface Forces on all issues regarding afloat operations. Coordinates and performs operational readiness training, LCAC Medical Screening, reference publications, course execution and curriculum revision. COURSESLENGTH Surface & Dive Independent Duty Corpsman/HM-8425/8494 52 weeks Surface Warfare Medical Indoctrination and Refresher Training 1 & 2 weeks Command Amphibious Task Force/Expeditionary 2 weeks Strike Group (CATF/ESG) Surgeon Course Surface Warfare Medical Officer Indoctrination Course (SWMOIC) 3 weeks Surface Warfare Medical Department Officer Indoctrination 2 weeks Course (SWMDOIC) Medical Regulating Course 3 days Operational Medicine Symposia 1 day Humanitarian Civic Assistance Symposium (HCAS) 2 days Health Services Augmentation Program 4 days Advanced Dental Assisting Program 10 weeks Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor School 21 weeks Physician Assistant Phase II Program 52 weeks 750+ STUDENTS ANNUALLY Landing Craft Air Cushion Physical Qualifications Program Applicant Physicals processed & Med Consults: 59 NAVY MEDICINE OPERATIONAL TRAINING CENTER

  11. Naval Expeditionary Medical Training Institute • Purpose: Provides instruction on the assembly, disassembly, establishment of command structure, and basic operations of an Expeditionary Medical Facility. • Provides Pre-deployment training for Expeditionary Medicine Units per Combatant Commander Requirements. Also provides intensive stabilization trauma care experience at the Los Angeles County USC Medical Center’s Navy Trauma Training Center (21 days/course; 11 courses/year; 24 students/course) • Center of Excellence for Tactical Combat Casualty Care training • COURSESLENGTH • Expeditionary Medical Facility Pre-Deployment Training 10-21 days • EMF Field Training conducted only at NEMTI 8 days • Navy En Route Care3 days • Indoctrination and Orientation (I&O) Exportable Training 2 day • Operational Readiness Evaluation (ORE) 8 days • Tactical Combat Casualty Care 3 days • Naval Trauma Training Center (LAC+USC) 21 days • 1,699 STUDENTS ANNUALLY NAVY MEDICINE OPERATIONAL TRAINING CENTER

  12. Naval Special Operations Medical Institute • Purpose: Conduct combat medical training for Special Operations Forces to include Recon Corpsman, SEAL and Surface Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman (SWCC) Medics under U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) • COURSESLENGTH • Navy: Special Operations Combat Medic/HM-8427/53927 months • 8 Classes/yr 72 students per class (Navy, Army, Foreign Service) (*8 Months) • 100 Navy Seats/yr • 576 students annually • Navy: Special Operations Independent Duty Corpsman, 6 months • B-300-0015/2403 (NEC-8403) (*4 Months) • 16 Navy Students trained in FY-09 • 48 students annually • Navy/Army: Special Operations Combat Medical Skills Sustainment Course, 2 weeks • B-300-0111 • 105 Navy students trained in FY-09 • 924 students annually • Approximately 20 International Students trained annually NAVY MEDICINE OPERATIONAL TRAINING CENTER

  13. R. E. Mitchell Center for Repatriated Prisoner of War (RPOW) Studies Purpose: The Mitchell Center provides follow up studies of RPOWs as a result of WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and OIF, to evaluate the mental and physical effects of captivity. The Center performs more than 500 RPOW evaluations each year for members of all services as well as the State Department. Functions as the only longitudinal study of RPOWs. In recognition of the Center’s important work, SECNAV directed the creation of the Mitchell Foundation, a private 501C3 corporation, to help support the Center’s research efforts. NAVY MEDICINE OPERATIONAL TRAINING CENTER