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Operational Experience with FANS 1/A ADS and CPDLC PowerPoint Presentation
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Operational Experience with FANS 1/A ADS and CPDLC

Operational Experience with FANS 1/A ADS and CPDLC

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Operational Experience with FANS 1/A ADS and CPDLC

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  1. Operational Experience with FANS 1/A ADS and CPDLC

  2. Bob Peake Airservices Australia (

  3. WHAT IS FANS 1?

  4. GPS NAVIGATION : RNP accuracy, Global time AFN : Air Traffic Facilities Notification CPDLC : Controller Pilot Data Link Communications ADS : Automatic Dependent Surveillance AOC : Airline Operational Communication RTA : Required Time of Arrival FANS 1FIRST INSTALLATIONS ON 747-400 PROVIDED SIX SERVICES

  5. Global coverage from GPS satellites Coupled to Flight Management System Accurate - to RNP specifications Also provides global time reference for navigation and ADS time stamping The improved navigation capability brings operational benefits in its own right wider range of alternate aerodromes -> less alternate fuel reduced ATC separations (based on RNP criteria) FANS 1 : GPS NAVIGATION

  6. AFN - Air Traffic Facilities Notification A process for flight crew to log on with their aircraft address to the initial ATC centre using that centre’s 4 letter ICAO identifier AFN logon provides to the ATC system the names, versions & addresses of airborne applications ATC handover can forward the aircraft address to the ‘next data authority’ (next ATC centre) FANS 1 : AFN

  7. Controller Pilot Data Link Communications Predetermined standard message set defined in RTCA DO-219 FANS 1 does not support all DO-219 messages some messages automatically arm/load the FMS some messages automatically extract FMS data Free text messages are also possible FANS 1 : CPDLC

  8. Automatic Dependent Surveillance ATC centre establishes ‘contracts’ with aircraft periodic and ‘event’ triggered reports to ATC future FMS points as well as present positions use event contracts to assure conformance to flight plan rather than frequent periodic position reports On demand ‘one shot’ reports are also available FANS 1 : ADS

  9. AOC = Airline Operational Communications Flight Plans, winds can be uplinked to FMS Flight Plan, position etc can be downlinked Plus requests up to crew, down to airline Reference - ARINC 724 FANS 1 : AOC

  10. RTA = Required Time of Arrival Allows crew to specify Required Time of Arrival at a waypoint FMS then controls aircraft to achieve this target 4D navigation : x, y ,z(altitude), t(time) Used in Australia with ATM tactical flow management automation - ATC gives pilot a time to arrive at a ‘feeder fix’ FANS 1 : RTA


  12. Australia is responsible for one ninth of the world’s airspace

  13. Australian airspace compared to Europe

  14. Australian and Adjacent FIRs Oakland FIR Nauru (FAA) Indonesia New Guinea Honiara Fiji Brisbane FIR NZ Ocean NZ Melbourne FIR Manila FIR

  15. 2S 75E 163E Approximately 5000 nm The Australian ATC Environment

  16. CPDLC with Flight Progress boards used in Pacific oceanic airspace Aug 96 to Aug 99 CPDLC with ADS and Air Situation display ATM system - no paper strips /flight progress boards used since Aug 99 initially in Pacific oceanic airspace now available all non radar continental airspace and Indian Ocean OPERATIONAL USE OF ADS AND CPDLC IN AUSTRALIA


  18. TAAATSBrisbane

  19. TAAATS Melbourne - Control Room

  20. TAAATS Controller Workstation Metrad Information Auxiliary Display Voice Switching and Control System (VSCS) Air Situation Display (ASD)

  21. One console for all ATC roles • - Radar • - Non-radar • - Executive • - Planner • No paper strips • Plan view display of all aircraft KeyFeatures

  22. Radar Data Processing & Display Radar Data Processor Radar positions

  23. ADS Processing & Display Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS) ( positions ) & Controller / Pilot Data Link (CPDLC) ADS & CPDLC Processing FANS1 and ATN interfaces

  24. ADS Tracks • Displayed track position based on ADS reports • Periodic Reports with projected intent • Waypoint Change Reports ADS Waypoint Change Report a) Position C b) Next waypoint ( lat/long, alt, time) c) Next waypoint +1 (lat/long, alt) Extrapolated position symbol Actual position symbol A B C ADS Periodic Report a) Position A b) Fixed projected intent group B, (lat/long, alt, time) D ADS Periodic Report a) Position B b) Fixed projected intent group D (lat/long, alt, time) c) Intermediate intent group : Vector B to C ADS periodic report a) Position D b) Fixed projected intent group (E) E

  25. Flight Plan Track Processing & Display ALPHA at 1205, flight level 330, estimating CHARLIE at 1236... A D C E B F entered by the controller Pilot position report for point A and estimate for point C . .. Displayed track positions for A to B to C based on the pilot's position report Estimates for positions D to E to F based on flight planned track, true air speed, and forecast winds Flight Plan Track Positions

  26. Radar Positions Pilot Intentions Flight Notification An Integrated ATM System Position Reports (ADS, CPDLC or Pilot) Radar, ADS & Flight Data Processors

  27. Controller Pilot Data Link Communications

  28. Controller Pilot Data Link Communications • World wide coverage by satellite and VHF radio data links • Standardised messages + free text • Links to FMS & ATC computers

  29. Re-route Clearance via Data Link (2) New route data up-linked (based on new wind data) (7) Cleared route up-linked via CPDLC for auto loading into FMS (3) Pilot requests clearance, expressed in lat/longs, via CPDLC down-link (8) WILCO triggers FDP update Airline AOC TAAATS (4) Visualise route proposed (5) Edit/revise (6) Conflict probe (7) Transmit clearance in lat/long (8) Update FDP (1) New weather data

  30. Position reporting Basic ADS reports Position extrapolation between position reports based on Projected Intent, Earth Vector etc reports Automatic Flight Level monitoring based on Vertical Event Contracts (with ATM system processing) Automatic Route Adherence monitoring based on Lateral Event Contracts Automatic waypoint passing reporting based on Waypoint Event Contracts (FDP automatically updated) Automatic Flight Plan Consistency (FLIPCY) check based on readout from FMS of next two waypoints OPERATIONAL APPLICATION OF ADS

  31. ADS can be used in lieu of voice or CPDLC position reports ADS can be used to establish aircraft clear of crossing tracks ADS can be used to establish aircraft maintaining a level ADS can be used to monitor the new 50RNAV separation standard Work is proceeding towards introducing a 30NM separation standard IMPACT OF ADS ON SEPARATION STANDARDS AND PROCEDURES

  32. ADS Event Contracts for Monitoring Flight Level Detected by event contract trigger A/C trajectory Flight plan cleared levels Cleared Level Adherence Monitoring (CLAM) allowed levels ADS Event Contract Level Thresholds

  33. Radar and ADS Processing Route Adherence Monitoring (RAM) Warning provided if aircraft outside current flight plan route based on radar detection, ADS position and Lateral deviation reports RAM: Typically 30Nm radius Entry Point Flight Plan route RAM: unpublished : 10nm published : 5 nm RAM: 10Nm RAM: 10Nm Aerodrome

  34. Checking of Flight Plan Consistency(FLIPCY) ADS message reported route ARCW QFA09 330 450 Flight Plan route & tolerances Aerodrome Warning provided if aircraft FMS route is outside current FDP flight plan route

  35. Radar & ADS Data Processing Danger Area Infringement Warning (DAIW) Provided as a Safety net only. Upper FL 50 DAIW areas 16 point polygons, 2nm resolution Activation times managed by supervisor/airspace reservation (4 activity periods) Lower FL Look ahead time Typ 90 secs • Track must be coupled to plan • Not In “hold” state • Track must have mode C • Disallowed for • Offline defined SSR codes • Defined callsigns • Supervisor Selected workstations • Cleared flight level usage • Use CFL as cap, unless rate of • climb/descent indicates otherwise • or if already passed through CFL


  37. QANTAS United Airlines Air New Zealand Ansett Australia Singapore Airlines Cathay Pacific Thai International Malaysian Airlines Korean Airlines Emirates South African Airlines Future plans - FedEx (MD10) - Korean Air (747, 777) Test aircraft -Boeing, Airbus FANS 1/A AIRCRAFT

  38. B747-400 B777 B717 C17 MD 10 A340 FANS 1/A AVIONICS TESTINGThe aircraft types listed below have used Australian ground systems for avionics certification testing

  39. LOGONS PER MONTH6 months to July 2000

  40. CPDLC UPLINKS6 months to July 2000


  42. CPDLC DOWNLINKS6 months to July 2000


  44. CPDLC - WEATHER DEVIATIONSBrisbane Centre - 6 months to July 2000

  45. PDC UPLINKS6 months to July 2000

  46. ADS UPLINKS PER MONTH6 months to July 2000

  47. ADS UPLINK MESSAGESMessage Delivery Times - 6 Months to July 2000

  48. ADS DOWNLINKS PER MONTH6 months to July 2000

  49. DOWNLINKS : ADS PERIODIC REPORTSMessage Delivery Times - 6 Months to July 2000

  50. TOTAL UPLINKSPERMONTH6 months to July 2000