the unique summits by the global community n.
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The Unique Summits By The Global Community PowerPoint Presentation
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The Unique Summits By The Global Community

The Unique Summits By The Global Community

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The Unique Summits By The Global Community

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  1. The Unique Summits By The Global Community The learning and innovative platform offered by the global learning and innovative community empowers individuals and organizations to build breakthrough solutions that impacts emerging technologies to solve the world’s greatest challenges. The portfolio of summits organized by them brings to life the latest exponential technologies each year showcasing the way these technologies are being used to impact the lives of people. When attendees leave the summit they have meaningful new connections and knowledge to apply in their own lives, businesses, and the society. Mostly entrepreneurs, investors, educators, government officials, social impact leaders participate in these events.

  2. The unique summits A summit that transforms  By attending this summit you will learn to think exponentially and will develop insights and framework that you can apply to design an abundant future. The SingularityU South Africa Summit is a three and a half day immersive program accommodating up to 50 delegates. The interactive presentations, immersive classroom setting, insightful dialogues, and world- class international faculties make this summit unique. An industry specific summit 

  3. This intensive 2-day summit aims to bring together top experts to inform how technologies like block chain and quantum computing, Crowdfunding, digital currencies, cashless banking, AI, venture capital and robotics is impacting their business. The Exponential Finance Summit is an industry specific summit organized with some of the world’s foremost innovators in technology and finance. A summit for startups   The Global Startup Program is a flagship program being conducted since 2008 aimed at startup organizations enabling them to transform radical ideas into tangible impact on a global level. Entrepreneurs from around the world come together for immersive workshops and fieldwork in multiple locations. Final thought Being a part of the global learning and innovative community’s unforgettable annual gatherings of leaders and change makers, will enable you to explore the exciting convergence of exponential technologies, connect new people and ideas and create a world free of any challenges. Source: For more information visit: Name: SingularityU South Africa Address: 34 Bowling Avenue, Wendywood, South Africa, 2196 Phone: +27(011) 259-7120 Email: Website: