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Today’s Lesson

Today’s Lesson

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Today’s Lesson

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  1. Today’s Lesson • Ladies & Jellyspoons, welcome to another fine day! • Today’s objectives: To learn about the pro’s and cons of CCTV in today’s world and to think about how it might be used in the future; • & to prepare for the pre release exam! • Your Mission.........Read through the next set of slides – A little starter for you!

  2. Paper 1 Section A Practice Questions 1 These are the sorts of questions you will get asked in Paper 1 – read them carefully!

  3. Question 1 and 2 A1 As a motorist drives into the countryside she slows for loose chippings, drives over an uneven road, descends a steep hill and drives through a small stream. In order, which four of the above warning triangles will she pass? A. 1 4 5 8 B . 2 4 6 8 C. 1 4 5 7 D. 2 3 6 7 A2 Which one of these signs would be least likely to appear in mainland countries of the European Union? A . 1 B. 3 C. 5 D. 7

  4. Question 3 and 4 Here is a list of arguments A3 The arguments are against..... A abortion. B donation of organs after death. C long-term care of the elderly. D euthanasia. A4 Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath in which they promise to strive to preserve life, relieve pain and observe doctor/patient confidentiality. The Oath governs how doctors behave and forms part of.... A the laws of the United Kingdom. B a code of ethics. C a set of religious morals. D regulations of the European Union. • Life is God-given. • It would be dangerous to make judgements about quality of life. • People are often clinically depressed and unfit to make • decisions. • Unscrupulous or uncaring relatives might influence decisions. • Decisions could be made on economic not medical grounds. • The hospice movement is there to relieve suffering.

  5. Question 5 and 6 A5 A child.s playground contains a solid pyramid of white cubes cemented to the ground. If the outer surface of the pyramid is painted red how many cubes will remain completely white? A 1 B 2 C 3 D 4 A6 How many will have paint on 3 sides only? A 4 B 8 C 9 D 12

  6. Answer to 1 and 2 Question 1 D. 7 Question 2 C. 1 4 5 7

  7. Answer to 3 and 4 Question 3 Question 4 Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath in which they promise to strive to preserve life, relieve pain and observe doctor/patient confidentiality. The Oath governs how doctors behave and forms part of.... B Code of ethics The arguments are against..... D Euthanasia. This literally means ‘Happy Death’. It is illegal in the UK, but is open to much debate and many people are trying to change the laws.

  8. Answer to 5 and 6 Question 5 B 8 Question 6 A 1

  9. How many did you score out of 6? Put your answer HERE! The next slides are for PAPER 2 – your CCTV pre-release paper – Remember, we don’t know what the questions will be, so we are trying to learn as much as possible and think about this topic.

  10. CCTV and police – Source 3 • Police have started using in Scotland lightweight CCTV camera’s which are attached to the officer’s uniform. • Police officers will be able to record scenes and sound and download it at police stations. • There are CCTV cameras that talk to you! • There is also a possibility of an ID chip implanted.

  11. SPYING TEACHERS – Source 4 • UK schools minister Jim Knight wants teachers to monitor their pupils’ every antic and the behaviour of their parents. • By 2012 parents will be able to see online their child’s progress, attendance and behaviour. • Teachers might be asked to complete a daily log of each student instead of parent’s evenings and long reports. • Pupils, parents and teachers will lose out by this idea.

  12. SPYING TEACHERS – Source 4 • Teachers could face more disciplinary procedures if daily reports are not up to date- more pressure for teachers. • Parents will be able to track every move of their child whereas at the moment the parent’s are only informed in serious circumstances. • How would children learn from their mistakes and mature as a citizen if they can not learn from their mistakes at school.

  13. SPYING TEACHERS – Source 4 • If parents find out about every minor action of their children they would never judge how to behave outside the home. • Parents also could be checked up upon to see if they have looked at their child’s daily report – to see if they are acting as ‘responsible’ parents. • Students who have been excluded from school have to stay in the house between 8.30 and 3pm if not they could have a £1000 fine.

  14. Task 1 • As you walked in the class today, Mr Thomas set up a hidden video to record your work and behaviour. He is sending this home to your parents and uploading it onto a blog site for public to access. • What are your thoughts on this? • Has Mr Thomas broken any rules? • Do you think this is good for your parents? • Write your answers on the next blank slides.

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  17. Task 2 • Mr Thomas posts your behaviour video and conduct log online for your parents to view. Your parents do not access this within 7 days. In the future(!) a new rule says that your parents can now be fined £1000 for not checking up on you!!! • What arguments FOR this fake rule can you make? Answer on next blank slides

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  20. Does CCTV Prevent Crime? The image shows little James Bulger being led away by a teenage boy called John Venables & John Thompson. James was 2 years old. Venables & Thompson were both 10 - they killed James. The image is of cctv before the murder happened. What was the use of this cctv if it could not prevent such an horrific murder? Do you think CCTV prevents crime? Write your answers on the next blank slides

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  23. Can Video Capture Cause Crime? • This is Peter Harvey. He was a science teacher in the UK. Last week he was acquitted of attempting to murder one of his pupils with a dumbell. • Mr Harvey had been teaching a class when they decided to play up so they could video him shouting and show the entire school by putting it on youtube. Remember, this incident was captured also on the school cctv system, yet Mr Havey was acquitted. What purpose do you think the CCTV served in this case? Write your answers on the next blank slides.

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  26. CCTV At Work • Most work places have CCTV. What are the advantages of this for the employer? • What are the disadvantages for the employee? • The video links below are of real cctv from offices!! • •

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