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Hungarian Reformed Diaconal Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Hungarian Reformed Diaconal Services

Hungarian Reformed Diaconal Services

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Hungarian Reformed Diaconal Services

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  1. Hungarian Reformed Diaconal Services Mikolajki 16. September 2009.

  2. Diaconal Office • The Diaconal Office of the Hungarian Reformed Church is responsible for the management of the 37 diaconal institutions run by the Synod. • Our Office also functions as an advisory body for all the 170 diaconal institutions of the Hungarian Reformed Church, enhances their diaconal services and represents their interests in the social sphere on a wider level.

  3. Diaconic missions in the • Hungarian Reformed Church • „As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.” • James 2,26 • Our first priority: • To promote the diaconic missions of the local congregations • To gain a common diaconic vision in the church for various ministry • Offering counselling and information • Collecting „best practise” models for various field of diaconia • To organise diaconic conferences and workshops – Capacity building • To offer education opportunities

  4. Diaconal Office InstitutionalDiaconia Diaconic Missions for congregations Promoting new initiatives Hungarian Reformed AID 170 diaconal Institute3000 6500 Network for 1200 congregations in Hungary 3000-in the Carpathian Basin Fund Raising Logistics Media Campaigne

  5. NETWORK IN THE CARPATHIAN BASIN • We also have a good contact with those 30-40 Hungarian diaconal services beyond the borders of Hungary that are connected to the Reformed Church.

  6. EURODIACONIAINTERNATIONAL DIACONIC EXCHANGES • Our Office is an active member of EURODIACONIA and Visegrad Platform. We operate a diaconal network in the Carpathian Basin (3000 reformed congregations). • We were active in the EURODIACONIA Re-organisation Committee. • We have good relationships with various Diaconal Offices in Europe. (CH, D, GB. NL. Etc.)

  7. Diaconic education, trainings Developing skills • Our centre of social care methodology exercises professional supervision over the diaconal institutions and it organizes conferences and trainings. • We actively cooperate with - the Teacher Training College of the Reformed Church (it qualifies social workers, B.A., and deacons, B.A.).- the Sylvester and Lévay Secondary Schools that  have diaconal courses.- Gyökössy Endre Counselling and Supervisor Institute- Theological Seminary in Debrecen • We provide probational statuses for students in our diaconal institutions. • We operate workshops in various fields of diaconia.

  8. Media – network activities We regularly publish a diaconal journal and operate more diaconal web sites.(;; ) We have gained experience in interregional cooperation by operating a diaconal network in the Carpathian Basin. We facilitate the cooperation of the diaconal coordinators of the Carpathian Basin, organize meetings for them as well as the leaders of the diaconal institutions. Koordinátor találkozó képe

  9. THANK YOU! Dani László Coordinator of Diaconic Missions dani.laszlo @ Tel.: + 36 30 457 6505