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Safe and Environment Friendly Handmade Gifts for Children PowerPoint Presentation
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Safe and Environment Friendly Handmade Gifts for Children

Safe and Environment Friendly Handmade Gifts for Children

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Safe and Environment Friendly Handmade Gifts for Children

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  1. Safe and Environment Friendly Handmade Gifts for Children

  2. Do you want your children to have non-toxic toys to play with? Want to give your children an exciting way of learning things? In this scenario selecting eco-friendly handmade gifts are considered good for toddlers and school aged children. Colorful and crafted gifts such as plush toys, children hand bags and pencil toppers are safe as well as free from any harmful toxic coatings generally found on factory made toys. You can suitably pick a wonderful handmade gift item as a birthday present for your toddler who is getting to toddle everywhere. Handmade gifts items are good example for children they can understand the value of reuse and recycle.

  3. Are you searching to get best handmade gift items online for your child? You will find great collection of handmade gifts for children at Sitara Collections, which is one of the leading online suppliers of eco-friendly handmade gifts for children. From colorful and playful handmade toys, accessories to games, you will find our wide range of handmade gifts for children are relatively low in price as well as safe for being used by your little ones. Our list of products will suitably match the budget as well as will make your children happy by giving a new kind of experience. People interested for buying eco-friendly handmade gift items for their children have found our online store as a great help.

  4. We are listing below most sought and top rated handmade gifts displayed at Sitara Collection: • Hand-Knitted Plush Elephant: Your child will love to play with this toy elephant; with gorgeous colors (free from toxic colors ) and exceptional quality knit into every detail by our skilled artisan make it a safe and playable toy for your child. • Felt Cupcake Bag for Kids: Your little angel will love to use it while going out; this adorable handmade purse is crafted from plush Nepali felt and has a sweet cupcake stitched on front of the bag.

  5. Coin Purse-Hummingbird: Do your little one possess a hobby of coin collection? Made with 100% natural wool and free from non-toxic dyes; this coin purse will prove to be a great gift for your child. • Small Felted Wool Pencil Topper-White Bunny: Is your child is not interested in completing his home assignment? Gift him this as a pencil topper; for sure this cute white bunny will attract your child to complete the assignment.

  6. Contact us: • Sitara Collections • 2055 Long Ridg e Road, Stamford,CT, USA • Phone: 917.575.0467 or toll free 866.247.5767 •