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Aspiring Principals PowerPoint Presentation
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Aspiring Principals

Aspiring Principals

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Aspiring Principals

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  1. Aspiring Principals May 7,2013

  2. Agenda • Budget Cycle • Weighted Student Funding • Resources – Broadly Defined • Key Questions 2

  3. This budget is a financial plan focused on achieving our academic goals Strengthen teaching and school leadership ♦ Reach Proficiency for All ♦ Close Access and Achievement Gaps ♦ Graduate Students College-Ready and Success-Bound Replicate success and turn around low performing schools Deepen partnerships with parents, students,and the community Redesign district services for effectiveness, efficiency, and equity 3

  4. BPS Budget Development Process Fixed costs and prior commitments calculated by Budget Office Budget figures reviewed by BPS Offices & Superintendent’s Leadership Team City Council Hearings on BPS Budget Research by Dept. of Implementation Public Hearings on Budget Proposal I M P L E M E N T A T I O N* Superintendent’s Budget Proposal to School Committee by 1st Wed. in February. Mayor submits Budget to City Council for appropriation by 2nd Wed. in May. Policy Priorities developed by School Committee and Superintendent. School Committee vote on Budget by 4th Wed. in March. Budget to Mayor for adjustments, approval. Preliminary Budget Figures Developed Development of Superintendent’s Budget Proposal Enrollment Projections Budget figures reviewed and adjusted by Schools & Site Councils Anticipated programmatic changes from schools. Enrollment figures reviewed by Schools SEPT / OCT NOVEMBER DECEMBER JAN / FEB MARCH APRIL MAY District Process Schools Public BPS Central Offices * Note: Implementation includes an October reconcilement of projected to actual enrollment and related adjustments. Chief Financial Office, Boston Public Schools

  5. Major systems processes • Programmatic Changes • Enrollment Projections • Budget • Allocation • Development / Sharing/ Submission • Budget Checkout • Probable Organization 5

  6. For the third year, we funded schools using Weighted Student Funding Weighted Student Funding is a more equitable, transparent and empowering budget approach

  7. Resources • People: • How do I build the best team with the resources that I have to meet the needs of students that will be served in my school? • Time: • What opportunities do I have to build a schedule that allows for instructional focus, common planning, and appropriate professional development • Money • General Fund • Federal and State Grants • Private Funds, partnerships, district supports

  8. Key Questions • How does the weighted student funding template inform decisions in develop budget proposal and sharing with school community? • What data is available in the case studies that guides decisions on budget? • What role does timing have in developing future year plans? • What significant challenges do you anticipate in developing your first school budget?