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Business Simulation

Business Simulation

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Business Simulation

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  1. Business Simulation

  2. Business simulation • 'Business simulation' is simulation used for business training or analysis. It can be scenario-based or numerical|numeric-based.

  3. Business simulation • Most business simulations are used for business acumen training and development. Learning objectives include: strategic thinking, financial analysis, market analysis, operations, teamwork and leadership.

  4. Business simulation • Enhancing Organizational Business Process Perception – Experiences from Constructing and Applying a Dynamic Business Simulation Game

  5. Business simulation - Games and business simulation games • Partly, the terminology of business simulation games is not well established. The most common term used is 'business game' but several other terms are also in use. Here we will define the most common terms used in context of (computer-based) business learning environments.

  6. Business simulation - Games and business simulation games • determine a business game (or business simulation) as a sequential decision-making exercise structure around a model of a business operation, in which participants assume the role of managing the simulated operation

  7. Business simulation - Games and business simulation games • Business simulation games are most often of the first kind. A participant in a data management simulation typically functions as a member of a team of managers or planners. Each team is managing a company allocating economic resources to any of several variables in order to achieve a particular goal.

  8. Business simulation - Games and business simulation games • In business simulation games players receive a description of an imaginary business and an imaginary environment and make decisions – on price, advertising, production targets, etc

  9. Business simulation - Games and business simulation games • 62-68 in 'managerial microworlds' – like business simulation games – unlike in the actual world, managers are free to experiment with policies and strategies without fear of jeopardizing the company

  10. Business simulation - Games and business simulation games • Enhancing Organizational Business Process Perception – Experiences from Constructing and Applying a Dynamic Business Simulation Game

  11. Business simulation - History • state that business simulation exercises may be considered an outgrowth of earlier developments in three fields: military war gaming, operations research, and educational role-playing.

  12. Business simulation - History • Business Simulation Games after Thirty Years: Current Usage Levels in the United States

  13. Business simulation - History • By 2000, business simulations were available that blended the traditional business acumen (financial) skills with the softer - interpersonal - skills required for effective leadership development.

  14. Business simulation - Scenario simulations • In a business game or business simulation game, a scenario is played out in a simulated environment and the learner or user is asked to make individual or team based decisions on how to act in the simulations. Often multiple choice alternatives are used and the scenario is played out following a branching tree based on which decisions the learner makes. Throughout or at certain intervals feedback is provided. These are similar to role-play simulations.

  15. Business simulation - Numeric simulations • Many numeric business simulations include elements of competition against other participants or against computer generated competitors.

  16. Business simulation - Types of Business Simulation Games • Business simulation games can be classified according to several properties. The first taxonomies were introduced already in the beginning of the 1960s (see e.g. Greenlaw et al., 1962). Here we introduce the taxonomy from Biggs,Biggs, William D. (1990). Introduction to Computerized Business Management Simulations. In Gentry (ed.) Guide to Business Gaming and Experiential Learning. Nichols/GP, London, pp. 23-35 which is practically identical with the taxonomy from Greenlaw et al.

  17. Business simulation - The simulation gaming process • Business simulation game developers regard their artifacts to be learning environments

  18. INSEAD - Business simulation games • Business simulation|Business simulation games are largely used by INSEAD. Many of them have been designed by INSEAD faculties

  19. INSEAD - Business simulation games • Examples of Business simulation games that have been designed by INSEAD faculties and used in many institutions:

  20. Construction and management simulation - Business simulation games • Business simulation games are a subset of CMSs that simulate a business or some other economy. These games typically involve more management than construction. Rather than investing in physical buildings, construction can be abstract, such as purchasing stocks.

  21. Construction and management simulation - Business simulation games • Active development of Internet technologies and the growth of the Internet audience in recent years gave a powerful impetus to the development of the industry of online games, and in particular, online business simulations. There are many varieties of online business simulations—browser-based and downloadable, single-player and multiplayer, real-time and turn-based. Among the most notable online business simulations such as Virtonomics, IndustryPlayer and Tycoononline.

  22. Business simulation game • Pure business simulations have been described as construction and management simulations without a construction element, and can thus be called 'management simulations'

  23. Business simulation game • This genre also includes many of the Tycoon games such as Railroad Tycoon,[ Review - IGN: Trevor Chan's Capitalism II]Business Tycoon Online[ Review - Business Tycoon Online—Best 2010 Browser Game Available] and Big Biz Tycoon.[ News - IGN: Big Biz Tycoon Ships] Other notable business simulation games include Air Bucks[ IGN: Air Bucks], and The Movies.[ Review - IGN: The Movies]

  24. Business simulation game • Now several European and American universities and business schools use this business simulation in their educational programs.

  25. Business acumen - Business Simulations • A business simulation is another corporate development tool used to increase business acumen. Several companies offer business simulations as a way to educate mid-level managers and non-financial leaders within their organization on cash flow and financial-decision-making processes. Their forms can vary from computer simulations to boardgame-style simulations.

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