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Preparing First Dental Visit for Your Child PowerPoint Presentation
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Preparing First Dental Visit for Your Child

Preparing First Dental Visit for Your Child

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Preparing First Dental Visit for Your Child

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  1. Preparing First Dental Visit for Your Child Medical appointments for children can be intimidating and scary. However, it is very important to take precautions and always start early. When should you have your first dental visit? Generally, you should visit a dental expert at the time your toddlers start teething until his first birthday. You should prepare your child well before his first oral visit. How do you prepare your child for a dental visit? Children should be given positive reinforcements of dental experts so that they do not get anxious about their oral visits. Children Dental Kits and Toys How often do you see children who know about dental and oral knowledge? You must introduce dental knowledge to them in a fun and play format. You can bring them some play dough and dental toys to make them understand what the dentist does. Reading fun books and stories can also make your child look forward to their dental appointment. Dry Practice at home You can make your child open his or her mouth, teach them to floss or brush properly and guide them about how the dentist will check their teeth. You can help children with teething issues to calm down by giving them pacifiers and also make them understand the importance of oral hygiene and dentists. Avoid Naptime and Playtime You mustn't schedule any dental appointment during the sleeping hours and play hours of the child. This will either have him cranky and sleepy or irritable for skipping his playtime. You should also see to it that your child is not hungry and has brushed his teeth well before the visit. Treats Positive reinforcement comes when a child feels that he gained something out of the experience. If your child has been good give him his favorite food or toy for good behavior. In case he has been sacred then also you can uplift his mood with his favorite treats. Child medication The dentist must know about your child's medical history and current health status. You should discuss or bring all your child's medical prescriptions to inform your doctor about any health concerns that could be caused due to the treatment. What topics will the dentist discuss with you can your child on your first visit? The topics that your dentist will discuss with you and your child during his initial visit are as follows. ●Good oral hygiene for overall mouth, gum and tooth care ●Tooth Decay and cavity prevention ●Children oral habits like teething and thumb sucking ●Milky and Normal Tooth Developmental milestones ●Proper Calcium and Nutrition

  2. ●Dental Scheduling Hence these are the steps you should take to visit your dental practitioner, prepare well and regularize the oral development of your children. Visit here -