civil engineering n.
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By: Lucas Ingalls

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By: Lucas Ingalls

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By: Lucas Ingalls

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  1. Civil Engineering By: Lucas Ingalls

  2. Who I am Who I Am What I Do Name: Lucas Ingalls Age: 26 Location: Worthington, Ohio Job: Civil Engineer Hobbies: Work with 4-H

  3. My Decision When: 16 years old Why: Knew about engineering and knew about successful Civil Engineers in my life

  4. Ingalls Development What I Do Where I Work • Analyze survey reports • Consider construction costs • Test building material • Provide cost estimates • Use design software • Indoors in an office • At construction site • Travel abroad

  5. What I love • Creating something from nothing while being innovative and practical • My salary: $77, 560 per year

  6. Public Speaking, Engineering Co-Op II (fall semester), English Composition I, Water Supply, English Composition II or Technical Report Writing, Geotechnical Engineering, Chemistry I, II, Transportation Engineering, Chemistry Lab, Hydraulic Engineering, Calculus I, II, Steel Design or Technical elective, Tools For Civil Engineering, Humanities elective, Physical Education, Engineering Co-op III (summer), Social Science, Intro to Civil Design, Basic Electrical Engineering, Civil Seminar, Calculus III, Technical elective, Physics I, II, Humanities In Western Tradition I, Statics, Concrete Design or Technical elective, Surveying, Senior Design, Differential Equations, Construction Administration, Mechanics Of Solids, Technical electives, Dynamics, Humanities elective, Environmental Engineering, Engineering Co-op (summer, optional), Physical Geology for Engineers, Soil Mechanics, Theory Of Structure, Materials Lab, World Civilization, Statistics, Engineering Co-Op I (spring semester), Thermal Science, Social Science, Civil Engineering elective Hardest include: Solid and fluid mechanics, and Physics I, II College Courses

  7. Difficult College Courses How they helped • Core classes with the same group of students to provide an instant study group • Living with the students of the same degree The help • Learning communities • Living learning communities These two resources helped me persevere in the most challenging classes I encountered

  8. Licenses Fundamentals of Engineering – written examination Principles and Practice in Engineering – written examination University of Akron Titles of Degrees • Civil Engineering with an emphasis on structural development • Minor in Business Management • Minor in Accounting

  9. My Career Goals • To have a successful growing company with a solid foundation for all employees and with an increase in profit A high school student could have a successful career in Civil Engineering with hard work, dedication, and passion. As a Civil Engineer, one has the opportunity to provide many citizens with safe, efficient buildings and structures in their life Clients and Co-Workers • Describe me: Structured, honest, likes to get things done right

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