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Retro upholstery fabric PowerPoint Presentation
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Retro upholstery fabric

Retro upholstery fabric

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Retro upholstery fabric

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  1. RETRO UPHOLSTERY FABRICS 1970's. It refers to the fabrics and designs which were in use in 1970's or earlier. Retro upholstery fabric gives an antique or vintage look to your Furniture is known to man since he started being civilized. Upholstery is the most important component of any furniture. It gives the furniture its looks and reflects the owners’ or designers’ taste and selection. The term retro originated in the room. Compared to the modern trends, retro is an utterly different realm of fashion which is often overlooked by the graphic designers. Contact Us- Phone- + 44 7404 158 960 Open 6 days a week 10am till 5pm Closed all day Sunday Mobile- + 44 8443 448 588 Mail-

  2. Talking of the best retro upholstery fabric, leather is the oldest fabric being used for furniture. Obtained from a number of different animals leather is in use since pre-historic times. It is probably one of the most durable vintage fabrics. It can last for literally more than the age of the owner. Other examples of retro upholstery fabric materials include pure cotton, nylon and polyester of vintage designing. Retro upholstery fabrics are not only defined by the material, another important thing making a fabric retro is its printing and design. It also depends on the area we are talking about. For example a design which is considered modern in the States may be classified as classical in the United Kingdom. The use of retro upholstery shows ones taste for antiques and shows that the person is an avid collector of vintage masterpieces. Retro upholstery designs generally include patterns like alternative green and white checks, flowers printed against a clear background, abstract lines of differing colors, self-printed triangular patterns, random geometrical shapes drawn in random directions, closely ruled fine lines of alternating colors, to name a few. The trend of using retro, antique and vintage fabrics for upholstery is on a constant increase. When you return home from a whole hectic day at office or college you are welcomed by a totally new environment different from that of your office or college the retro designing on the furniture Contact Us- Phone- + 44 7404 158 960 Open 6 days a week 10am till 5pm Closed all day Sunday Mobile- + 44 8443 448 588 Mail-

  3. upholstery gives a soothing and relaxing look reminding you of the good old days when life used to be easy. Simpler is better. The retro upholstery fabric designs are simple, hence are suitable for any occasion and are liked by almost any age group and people of all kinds of thinking. Above all they remain in fashion in all the ages, they are never out of the trend. The retro fabric designs are perhaps the only designs of fabrics which can serve equally well in formal as well as informal conditions. The superior craftsmanship and beautiful patina of old designs cannot be created again, they seem to be more beautiful than most of the today's designs. Now coming over to the purchase of Retro upholstery fabrics, best platform available to shop this fabric is Yorkshire Fabric Shop. To have a look at their collection and wardrobe just visit Contact Us- Phone- + 44 7404 158 960 Open 6 days a week 10am till 5pm Closed all day Sunday Mobile- + 44 8443 448 588 Mail-