understanding what drives value in your business n.
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Understanding what drives value in your business

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Understanding what drives value in your business

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Understanding what drives value in your business

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  1. CLIENT’S LOGO YOUR LOGO Understanding what drives value in your business

  2. What makes a business valuable? Owner-led organizations: Strong leadership direct from the top? Financial health: Strong revenue/high profit margins? Strong growth: Year over year increases in revenue, margins, outputs, sales? Operations: Everything running smoothly without interruption?

  3. What is Enterprise value? The ability of your business to sustainably generate revenue and be profitable Requires systems, documented processes and leadership from key roles in your company Thorough understanding of market and industry throughout your organization Clear metrics to measure and improve the drivers of value in your company

  4. WHY do I need to know my enterprise value? • Capital Raise • Product line change • Expansion to new market • Improved banking relationships • Better systems & processes running your business • Employee engagement and retention • Business growth • Cost controls • Greater control over your future • Knowing what drives your value can help you increase it • Knowing what drives your value can guide you during economic uncertainty • Implementing & following best practices makes your company strong as well as valuable • All business owners should know and understand the key performance indictors for their business, industry, market and niche • Take control over your future

  5. Measure the 18 drivers of enterprise value Market Drivers: Growth Large Potential Market Dominant Market Share Recurring Revenue Barriers to Entry Product Differentiation Brand Margin Advantage Customer Diversification Operational Drivers: Company Overview Sales & Marketing Financial Operations Customer Satisfaction Senior Management Human Resources Legal Innovation

  6. your business is an Engine • Each value driver is like a ‘gear’ in your business engine • Measuring the gears’ effectiveness is critical to understand the engine’s performance • Our process measures your business gears AND quantifies their strengths and weaknesses • If your gears are not aligned with best practices or with each other-your business engine cannot reliablygenerate revenue and be profitable • Knowing the overall health and effectiveness of these gears is critical to your company strategy. • Armed with a solid strategy and plan for growth provides confidence in future outcomes for the business, for you, its owner, and for your family

  7. What the data tells us: Source: CoreValue Discover 12.2018 Companies surveyed range $1MM-$75MM annual revenue CoreValue US patent 9,607,274

  8. How will your company rate? • Do you have a sales plan and repeatable sales process to deliver your company's revenue goals that are well-developed, managed, and executed? • How confident are you in your company’s ability to generate revenue in a proven and sustainable way, ensuring future earnings? • Does your company deliver on the sales promises made to your market in a consistent reliable fashion? • Are you growing at a rate faster than your competition? Can you accurately forecast future revenue and profit?

  9. Our three-step process • Initial meeting is free – let’s get to know you and your business • Next step: full operational assessment and Operational Value Report • Ongoing consulting and support to implement your growth plan


  11. Available dashboard to track progress Source: CoreValue US patent 9,607,274

  12. Coaches help with skill development, mastery and retention Throughout life you’ve had coaches, teachers and mentors who’ve helped you grow and learn. Why not use similar resources in your business?

  13. Even Olympic athletes have coaches No one cruises to victory alone

  14. Our Team

  15. For more information contact:Your name hereYour contact info here Firm name Address Telephone number Website/email