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Animals Around the World PowerPoint Presentation
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Animals Around the World

Animals Around the World

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Animals Around the World

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  1. Animals Around the World By: Mrs. Brown’s Bunch

  2. Spider Monkey *Monkeys have a sense of fairness. *They are highly social animals.

  3. Bearded Dragons • Did you know Bearded Dragons can grow 13 to 24 inches long? • Their diet is mostly plant matter.

  4. Seals • When water is especially dark or murky, seals use whiskers called “vibrissae” that are thought to detect vibrations caused by moving prey. • Seals have been known to dive as deep as 4,100 meters and can remain submerged for up to an hour.

  5. Killer Whales • Killer Whales may live up to 35 years. • A ten meter long whale weighs 8 tons.

  6. Lemon Shark • Did you know sharks have umbilical cords just like humans? • Lemon sharks leave their mom at the ages of 12to15.

  7. Toucan • A Toucan can be as short as 7 inches and as big as 2 feet! • One of the ways Toucans sleep is by snapping their tail forward till it touches their head.

  8. Javelina • The Javelina is also called a Musk Hog, a Tayaussa, and a Collared Peccary. • They give birth about once a year.

  9. Bark Scorpion • Bark Scorpions glow when exposed to black light. • The Bark Scorpion form groups of about 30 in the winter.

  10. Orca Whale • Orca whales were never extensively hunted by humans. • Orca whales are around 23 to 32 feet.

  11. Platypus • People sometimes joke that the Platypus is proof of God’s sense of humor! • The platypus needs to eat about 20% of its own weight every day.

  12. Seahorses • Seahorses are threatened due to their use in Chinese medicine • There are 120 names for seahorses

  13. Spider Monkey • Did you know that Spider Monkeys live in rainforests of central and South America that spread out to as far as Mexico. • Spider Monkeys live in large groups, but during the night they split up in smaller groups of a dozen less.

  14. Dolphin • The dolphin families can only have up to two hundred and fifty dolphins. If it gets too high they will have to get rid of some. • Dolphins are considered to be amongst the most intelligent of animals and their often friendly.

  15. Dolphin • Did you know that Dolphins have been bonding with humans for as long as we have know dolphins. • A dolphin go to a deep sleep because it would suffocate they let half of the brain sleep and other half not.

  16. Scorpions • Death stalker is the most dangerous scorpion • Scorpions have 24 to 35 babies at one time

  17. Dolphin • Did you know that a dolphin can sat in the water for 8or 15 minutes. • Did you all so know there are 41 species of dolphins.

  18. White-eared Marmot • A white-eared marmot weights up to 260-320 grams • The White-eared marmot sleeps in groups of 2-13 in a tree

  19. Orca Whales • Orca whales aren’t whales, they’re dolphins. • Orca whales teeth can grow up to 4 inches long.

  20. Turtle • The Turtle is the longest living reptile group. • The Sea Turtle has flippers instead of claws.

  21. Poison Dart Frog • Natives use the frog’s poison on their spear tips. • They use their bright colors to warn enemies away because their skin is poisonous