high blood pressure treatments by solomon awusah n.
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High Blood Pressure Treatments PowerPoint Presentation
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High Blood Pressure Treatments

High Blood Pressure Treatments

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High Blood Pressure Treatments

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  1. High Blood Pressure Treatments by Solomon Awusah In the current era, one in every three people is diagnosed with having high blood pressure. Some very well know this condition but some are unaware of suffering from this hypertension. It is quite dangerous as it leads to major strokes, heart failure, or even kidney diseases. Lowering blood pressure is crucial to protect your important organs like heart, brain, and kidney from any kind of damage. So, here is some helpful information about preventing high blood pressure! What is the High Blood Pressure Treatments? For those who are suffering from it, modifications in lifestyle are the first step of the treatment process. Doing changes in your lifestyle will go a long way in the blood pressure treatment!  Try to lose weight if you are obese  Quit bad habits like smoking or drinking  Get involved in regular physical activity  Have a healthy diet with less salt in it These lifestyle changes don’t work in every case. And this when a patient has to go for some medications for lowering the blood pressure! There are various types of drugs that can treat high blood pressure. This includes Diuretics, Calcium channel blockers, Alpha-blockers, Combination medications, and many others. Also, the category of medication prescribed to you will depend on the measurements of a patient’s blood pressure and other medical problems (if any). Moreover, in one drug does not work or obnoxious, a patient may be suggested additional or alternative medicines. In case of high blood pressure drug therapy, you need to see your doctor at regular intervals until the blood pressure goal is reached. Your condition

  2. will be analyzed by the health professional and after the goal is reached, it is still advised to see your doctor every 3-6 months. About Dr. Solomon C. Awusah Dr. Solomon C. Awusah is an internist in Southfield, MI and has 12 years of experience in the field. He is graduated from Wayne State University School of Medicine in year 2008 and is licensed to practice by the state board in Michigan and accepts Medicare.